Ninja’s Chor Track Lyrics | English Translation

Read Ninja’s latest Punjabi song Chor Lyrics Ft. Yuvika Chaudhary. Find out the meaning of Chor Song Lyrics by Ninja in the English language.

Yuvika Chaudhary Ninja Chor lyrics English meaning


Title of Song: Chor
Vocalist(s): Ninja
Star Cast: Yuvika Chaudhary, Ninja
Songwriter(s): Nirmaan
Music Director(s): Goldboy
Film Director(s): Jashan Nanarah
Music Company: Gringo Entertainments


Tu Lagge Mainu Chor Channa,
You seem to be a ‘deceiver,’ Dear,
Tu Gallan Karein Hor Channa (x2),
because you sound strange nowadays.

Dil Tere Layi Ae Saaf Mera,
I love you with all my heart.
Tere Dil Wich Khor Ae Channa,
But there is something fishy in your heart.

Main Vi Rona Te Teri Vi Akhiyan Ch Paani Vagna,
As I will cry, Your eyes too will start to shed tears.

Je Main Nai Reh Sakdi Tere Bin,
If I cannot live without you,
Dil Tera Vi Ni Lagna,
It’s a fact that you also cannot be comfortable without me.

Je Main Nayi Reh Sakdi Tere Bin,
If I cannot live without you,
Dil Tera Vi Ni Laggna.
Your heart also won’t be comfortable, I know.

Tu Mere Sawaalan De, Jawab Nai Dinda
You have not been answering my questions.
Kithe Samaa Bitauna Ae, Hisab Nayi Dinda,
Where you spend all the time away from me? It bothers me when you don’t share it with me.

Khafa Kehdi Gall Ton Ae, Tu Russeya Kal Ton Ae (x2),
Why are you upset? You seem angry since yesterday.
Tu Shad de Bhawein, Mainu Tainu Kise Keemat Te Nayi Chhadna,
Even if you leave me, I will never let you go at any cost.

Je Main Nahi Reh Sakdi Tere Bin,
Dil Tera Vi Nayee Lagnaa (X2). Haan!
As I cannot live without, your heart also is not going to find comfort without me.

Mere Nal Teri Nazdeeki, Thod Jayi Tan Hai Na,
Maybe a little, but we still share a bond (or closeness), right?
Tere Jism Ch Meri Khusbhu, Thodi Jayi Hai Taan Naa,
Maybe a little, but your body still has my fragrance, right?

Ve Sun ‘Nirmaan’ Ve, Tera Ehsaan Ve,
Tu Ajj Tak Banke Reha, Mera Mehmaan Ve,
Listen, O’ poet, I am thankful that you always kept me in your company.

Jina Dukh Milna Wakh Hoke,
No matter how much pain distances (or getting separated) bings us,
Do Hisseyan De Wich Vandna,
We will share (or bear) it together.

Je Main Nai Reh Sakdi Tere Bin,
Dil Tera Vi Ni Lagna,
If I cannot live without you, it’s a fact that your heart also cannot be comfortable without me.

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