Ninja’s Tres Amor Song Lyrics Explained with Meaning

The dashing Punjabi singer Ninja releases his latest Punjabi song ‘Tres Amor’ which has its romantic lyrics inked down by Nirmaan with ear-catching music beats sorted by Preet Hundal. Tres Amor is a Spanish phrase which can be translated into English as ‘three loves.’ And in this lovely romantic song Ninja hums about ‘3 loves’ in his life, which are guitar, his girlfriend and his most loved car.

ninja tres amor lyrics explained
Navjit Buttar is director of beautiful Punjabi music video for ‘TRES AMOR’ starring Ninja. The film has been shot in UK and is released by well-known music company T-series.

Let’s watch the music video for ‘Tres Amor’, meanwhile read full song lyrics and know the meaning of song lines.


Oh Mainu Pyar Hoya Ae, Oye 3 Vaar Hoya Ae,
I have fallen in love for three times.

Jini Vaar Hoya Ae, Oh Sacha Pyaar Hoya Ae,
Each time, it has been true love.

Pehla Pyar Hoya Si Os Vaar
Fadhi Si Jadon Main Hath Ch Guitar,
The first time I fell in love was, when I held guitar in my hands.

Duja Pyaar Hoya Si Os Vaar
Layi Si Jadon Main Meri Pehli Car,
It was for second time, when I bought my first car.

Teeja Pyar Hoya Ae Tere Nal
And the third time in fell in love was, when you came into my life.
Naina Da Tere Teer Hoya Seene vichon Paar,
Your gaze just struck right through my heart.

Ik Tu Te Duji Ae Guitar, Te ik mainu changi lagdi ae meri car.
I have three loves in my life. First it’s you (referring to girlfriend), second is my guitar and lastly, I love my car the most.

Jina Main Khayal Rakhaan Car Te Guitar Da,
As much I care for my car and guitar.
Ona Hi Khayal Rakhunga Main Meri Jaan Da,
Equally good care I shall care for you, my life.
Jithe Tu Kahengi Othe Laike Tenu Jaunga,
Wherever you desire, I shall take you.
Baith Tainu Samne Main Gaane Vi Sunaunga,
And then I shall sing songs for you.

Lakhan Kudiyan Da Crush Tera Yaar,
Thousands of girls desire to be with me.
Lakhan Nu Shad Tere Piche Dil Baitha Haar,
While I lost my heart to you, ignoring those thousands.

Ek Tu Te Duji Ae Guitar,
Te Ek Mainu Changi Lagdi Ae Meri Car,
You, my guitar and my car, I love the most.

Tere Layi Hi Khulla Rehnda Door Meri Car Da,
My car door is always open for you to hop-in.
Kalla Kalla Chord Tere Naam Aa Guitar Da,
Each chord of guitar I play, is for you.
Tere Utte Gana Aisa Likhunga Zarur Main,
I shall write a song for you, someday.
Vadde Shayar’an Ch Naam Aau Nirmaan Da
So, I might be mentioned among the greatest poets.

Oh Meri Jaan Main Othe Mar Jaa
O dear, That would be the greatest achievement of my life. (there is no other meaning to my life, before I die.)
Je Tere Muhon Ik Wari Sun La Main Haan.
If I could hear ‘yes’ from you, once.

Ik Tu Te Duji Ae Guitar,
Te Ik Mainu Changi Lagdi Ae Meri Car.
I have three loves in my life. First it’s you (referring to girlfriend), second is my guitar and lastly, I love my car the most.

Hundal On The Beat Yo!
A shout-out to song music producer. The music beats of this track are produced by Preet Hundal.