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“Njan Kanavil Kandoru” from the Aagathan movie is an achingly beautiful ode to love at first sight, made magical by Ranjith’s dulcet vocals and Kaithapram’s ornate poetry. Though the visuals show Dileep and Charmy Kaur’s tender glances, there is a dreamy abstraction underlying this soothing melody celebrating mystic connections.

njan kanavil kandoru lyrics meaning in english

Ranjith emotes the profoundly romantic lyrics with remarkable depth, his classically-trained voice infusing emotion into phrases like “in your heart, I would hide like the sun.” Kaithapram’s ornate verses employ striking imagery, comparing the lady’s love to lightning illuminating the skies. Ouseppachan provides sensitive support through harmonious string arrangements.

From abstract visions to vivid longing, Kaithapram’s lyrics elegantly capture the promise of love. The verse “Does destiny write with dreams” encapsulates fascination for this profound subconscious attraction. As melodies seamlessly interweave with Ranjith’s vocals, one feels immersed in the magical glow of brand-new love.


Njan Kanavil Kandoru Kanmaniyaalivalanallo, Ennullu Thudichathumivale Kananallo
I have seen her in my dreams. My heart beats to see her.
Cheru Poonkula Pole Ivaladumpol Moham, Mrithu Mounam Polum Sangeetham
I feel like I love her. Even silence becomes music.

Perenthaanennariveella Oorethaanennariveella
I don’t know her name. I don’t know her place.
Ivalentethanennullam Paadunnu
My mind is saying she is mine.

Oh Mukil Kinavil Minunm Ivalee Mannil Irangiya Thoominnal
Oh…she is the lightening from the sky.
Mazha Thereri Varum Minnal
Lightening which comes with rain.

Njan Kanavil Kandoru Kanmaniyaalivalanallo
I have seen her in my dreams.
Ennullu Thudichathumivale Kananallo
My heart beats to see her.

Chaithram Swapnam Chalichezhuthiyathanenno, Ushassam Penkidave Ninte Chithram
Does fate write with dream? Hey girl, your picture.
Ithuvare Enthe Kandilla Njan Kavilathe Sindhoorathin Ragaparagangal
Why didn’t I see you till now? The music and rhythm of heat..
Ninnile Neehara Bindhuvil Njaan Sooryanaayi Olichirunne Enum
In your heart.. I would hide like sun.

Njan Kanavil Kandoru Kanmaniyaalivalanallo
I have seen her in my dreams.
Ennullu Thudichathumivale Kananallo
My heart beats to see her.

Sruthiyil Cherum Ivanude Mooka Sallapam,
The silent chatting will mix up with the rhythm.
Thennalin Thazhukalennorthu Poyi Njan
I wish to come as wind and touch you.

Manassinte Konil Thulumbiyallo, Ee Alola Chundil Thathiyororeen Thein Thulli
Filled in the heart with the honey in your lips.
E Viral Thumbile Thalam Polum Ente Nenjin Ulthudiyaayallo
Like the rhythm in this finger, it becomes the harmony of my heart.

Njan Kanavil Kandoru Kanmaniyaalivalanallo,
I have seen her in my dreams.
Ennullu Thudichathumivale Kananallo
My heart beats to see her.


The translation helps global listeners fully absorb the essence underlying this lush Malayalam poetry. It reveals remarkable metaphors like “rhythm of warmth, honey from your lips” that aesthetically convey intimacy. Making the verse accessible enables wider audiences to soak in the atmospheric beauty of this dream-like ode.


Title Njan Kanavil Kandoru
Movie Aagathan
Singer(s) Ranjith
Lyrics Writer(s) Kaithapram,
Music Composer(s) Ouseppachan
Actor(s) Dileep, Charmy Kaur

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