Oh Humsafar Translation – Neha Kakkar

Oh Humsafar Translation with touching romantic melody and delightful Hindi lyrics is a latest song featuring Neha Kakkar & Himansh Kohli. Charit Desai is director of video and Tony Kakkar has composed the music as well as lent his enjoyable vocals for “Oh Humsafar” song with Neha Kakkar.


Mere toh saare sawere
Baahon merin teri thehre
Meri toh saari shaamein
Tere saath dhall rahi hai -x2.

All of my mornings,
Are in hold of your arms
And all of my evenings have been gladly passing with you.

Thoda sa bhi shak na karna
Tumse mera jeena-marna
Tum chal rahe ho toh saanse
Mere saath chal rahi hain.

Darling, don’t even a little on me,
My life is with you
As you’re walking with me
My breaths are with me.

Oh humsafar, oh humnava
Beshart main tera huwa -x2.

Oh my soulmate, oh my well-wisher
Without any conditions, I have become yours.

Paas aao main tumhe
Dekh loon kareeb se
Aankhon ko yeh raahtein
Milti hai naseeb se -x2.

Come a little closer dear,
So I could have a closer look
This ease to my eyes comes fortunately.

Baazuwon mein tum mujhe
Betahasha ghere ho
Kal ki fikr hai kisko
Tum abhi toh mere ho.

You have been covering me in your arms
Who bothers about tomorrow ?
As now you’re mine.

Main sirf tera rahunga
Tujhse hai vaada ye mera
Tu maang le muskura ke
Mera pyar haq hai tera.

I shall remain yours
It’s my promise to you
You just ask with a smile
My love is your right to have.

Oh humsafar, oh humnawa
Be-shart main tera hua -x2.

Oh my beloved, oh my believer
Apart from any conditions, I have been yours.

Aaja zindagi tujhse
Aadhi-aadhi baant lu
Meri subha tu jee le
Teri shab main kaat lu -x2.

Come, I want to share my life with you,
You live my morning
I would spend your night.

Aur kuch khuda na de
Toh bhi usko maafi hai
Pyar tera mil gaya
Sirf itna kaafi hai.

Even if god doesn’t give anything else
I would still take it as granted
I have go your love, that is more than enough for me.

Chahe jahaan se chalun main
Tujhpe hi aake rukun main
Ab dil mein rakh na sakunga
Koyi doosra chunu main.

Whereever I start walking from,
I just end up with coming to you,
Now I can’t keep it in my heart to choose somebody else.

O humsafar o humnava
Beshart main tera huwa -x2.