Oh Na Rahi (English Translation) – GOLD BOY


Mere seene ch jo laggi hoi aa agg
Oh bujne da naa’ na lawe
Ho jide jeen di na koi vi wajah
Oh banda kiwe saah lai lawe,

The fire burning inside my heart,
Doesn’t want to stop,
How can the person with no reason love can live.

Main teri haan
Teri hi rahun
Teri haan, teri hi rahun,
Eh gal mainu ajj tak kyun na kahi.

I’m yours, and will always be yours
Why have you never said it to me?

Kehna chaunda nai si par keh reya
Ke hun tu oh na rahi -x2.

I never wanted to say it but sadly I’m saying that you’re not like earlier anymore.

Je koyi bolda ni ehda matlab
  Eh tan nai ke koyi samjhe hi na,
  Tu mere rahan wich kande vishaye
Khud phullan te so jaayein
  Eh gall mainu radke vi naa.

If somebody doesn’t speak it doesn’t mean that no-one would understand him,
You brought so much pain to me while you slept carefree,
It doesn’t hurt me at all too.

Ni raat ho gayi te
Chaanan kho gayi
  Jedi bach gayi si deeve wich lo na rahi.

It’s night and light has lost in dark,
The remaining light of the lamp is no more too.

Kehna chaonda ni si par keh reha
Ke hun tu oh na rahi -x2.

Never wished to say it so, but you’re not you anymore.

Tainu samajh baitha si main zindagi
  Tu maut di wajah ban gayi
  Main tere pyar wicho labda si khushiyan
  Tu mere layi sazaa ban gayi,

I thought you were my life and you became the reason of my death
I used to find happiness in your love
While you became a torture for me.

Main aape shad dinda
Je mainu das dinda
Ke hun tainu nirmaan di koyi lod na rahi.

I would’ve left you,
If you told me that you don’t need me anymore.

Kehna chaunda nai si par keh reya
Ke hun tu oh na rahi -x2.

I didn’t want to say but you’re not anymore like you used to be.