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Pachigalam Paravaigalam Lyrics from the Tamil movie ‘Bachelor’ featuring G. V. Prakash Kumar is a surprising song, and it has a graceful aria by Navakkarai Naveen Prabanjam. The sublime lyrics of the Pachigalam Paravaigalam descant are penned down by Navakkarai Naveen Prabanjam. G. V. Prakash Kumar is the producer of PACHIGALAM PARAVAIGALAM’s snazzy music. The winning music video of the sound is oriented by Sathish Selvakumar.

Pachigalam Paravaigalam lyrics

Title of Song: Pachigalam Paravaigalam
Movie: Bachelor
Songster: Navakkarai Naveen Prabanjam
Poet: Navakkarai Naveen Prabanjam
Instrumentalist: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Director: Sathish Selvakumar
Actor(s): G. V. Prakash Kumar
Language: Tamil language


Thana Nana Nanane Nane Nana Thathinam Thai Thai,
Nane Nana Sollama Sollu,
Nanane Nanane Nana Nana,

Pachigalam Amma Paravaigalam,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Paravaigalam Sollamma Sollu,
Pala Vithamai Vandhu Iranguthamma,

Ichai Illa Rendu Manipuravum,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Manippuravum Sollamma Sollu,
Imbamurai Kavara Cheyuthamma,

Madapura Kanda Mayil Inangal,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Mayil Inangal Sollamma Sollu,
Kattai Vittu Vandhu Iranguthamma,

Pannattu Andha Paravai Ellam,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Paravai Ellam Sollamma Sollu,
Thenmangu Angu Paduthamma,

Thennattu Vantha Paravaiyondru,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Paravaiyondru Sollumma Sollu,
Thadamari Vandhu Nikkuthamma,

Thannai Vida Andha Sempinaigal,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Sempinaigal Sollumma Sollu,
Valarthongi Ange Nikkuthamma,

Madham Yanai Vandhu Vizhagi Ninna,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Vizhagi Ninna Sollumma Sollu,
Mangaiyere Nanum Koodaruppen,

Pavana Neera Vai Pachaikili,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Pachaikili Sollumma Sollu,
Paruva Kanam Vandhu Paduthamma,

Kola Mayil Enthaya Kannazhagal,
Thathinam Thai Thai,
Kannazhagal Sollumma Sollu,
Mayil Nadanam Manathil Uthikkuthamma


Pachigalam Amma Paravaigalam Thathinam Thaithai
Lot of colorful birds…
Paravaigalam Sollamma Sollu
Lot’s of birds… Say it now!
Pala Vidhamai Vandhu Iranguthamma
A lot of varieties are living here, dear.

Ichchai Illa Rendu Manipuravum Thathinam Thaithai
Two desire-less doves.
Manippuravum Sollamma Sollu Imbamurai Kavara Cheiyuthamma
Two doves… Say it now.. are looking for some pleasures.

Madapura Kanda Mayil Inangal Thathinam Thaithai
All the other birds that saw these doves.
Mayil Inangal Sollamma Sollu
Other birds… Say it now
Kattai Vittu Vandhu Iranguthamma
Flew down from forest and started following them.

Pannattu Andha Paravaiyellam Thathinam Thaithai
Now all those birds from forest.
Paravaiyellam Sollamma Sollu
All those birds… Say it now.
Thenmangu Angu Paduthamma
are singing the praises of the land in the south.

Thennattu Vandha Paravaiyondru Thathinam Thaithai
One of the bird that flew here
Paravaiyondru Sollumma Sollu
One of the bird… Say it now
Thadam Mari Vandhu Nikkuthamma
just stopped by.

Thannai Vida Andha Sempinaigal Thathinam Thaithai
Looking at it, the other birds.
Sempinaigal Sollumma Sollu
The other birds… Say it now.
Valarthongi Ange Nikkuthamma
Voluntarily stood there.

Madham Yanai Vandhu Vizhagi Ninna Thathinam Thaithai
If everyone makes…
Vizhagi Ninna Sollumma Sollu
Makes way… Say it now
Mangaiyere Nanum Kooda Iruppen
I shall be with you my love.

Pavana Nira Vai Pachaikili Thathinam Thaithai
The colorful parrot
Pachaikili Sollumma Sollu
The parrot… Say it now
Paruva Kanam Vandhu Paduthamma
Is singing the tune of the season.

Kola Mayil Enthaye Kannazhagal Thathinam Thaithai
All the beautiful peacocks
Kannazhagal Sollumma Sollu
Beautiful ones… Say it now
Mayil Nadanam Manadhil Udhikkuthamma
Their dance will make all you dance too.

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Bachelor Film’s Pachigalam Paravaigalam Music Video | G. V. Prakash Kumar

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