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Parandhu Pogindren Lyrics with English translation from the Tamil movie ‘Kuthiraivaal’ featuring Anjali Patil, Kalaiyarasan is a perfect song, and it has a quaint voice by Kalyani Nair, Pradeep Kumar. The smart lyrics of the Parandhu Pogindren paean are drafted by Prasath Ramar. Pradeep Kumar is the inventor of PARANDHU POGINDREN’s dainty music. The pleasure-some music video of the limerick is ruled by Manoj Leonel Jahson, Shyam Sunder.


Watch Parandhu Pogindren Song Lyrics that Kalyani Nair, Pradeep Kumar perfectly sung and are featured in the Kuthiraivaal film of Kalaiyarasan, Anjali Patil . Prasath Ramar has noted down the Parandhu Pogindren Tamil lyrics with English translation and Manoj Leonel Jahson, Shyam Sunder piloted the music video.


Parandhu Pogindren Siragillamal,
I soar through the sky without wings.
Kavidhai Agindren Mozhiyillamal,
I become a poem with no words.

Kanalin Dhagame, En Padalin Ragame,
The thirst from my mirage, the melody of my song.
Nee Vandhu Seramal, Nan Engu Poveno,
Without our union, where will I go?

Vannangal Illadha Or Vanavil Nane,
I have become a colorless rainbow.
Un Ennangal Neerootra, Engengu Pootheno,
When your memories wash over me, I blossom everywhere.

Madisaya Odiva Mayava,
My love, come lay on my lap.
Mudiyadha Van Pola Nan Mayava,
I am endless like the infinite sky.

Nilavanadhal Pulanagiren, Nee Vandhu Kaya,
I am your warmth on cold moonlit nights.
Dhinam Thondriye Nidham Theigirai, En Meni Vada,
You wax and wane, while I suffer in loneliness.

Katrodu Thee Ada, Or Velvi Seidhene,
I pray for the wind to fan the flames.
Un Bimpam Nan Sera, Uruvindri Nindrene,
To unite with you, I stand formless.

Parandhu Pogindren Siragillamal,
Without wings, I soar through the sky.
Kavidhai Agindren Mozhiyillamal,
I transform into a poetry with no words.

Kanalin Dhagame, En Padalin Ragame,
My mirage’s thirst, the melody of my song
Nee Vandhu Seramal, Nan Engu Poveno,
Where will I go if we don’t work together?

Vannangal Illadha Or Vanavil Nane,
I’ve turned into a colorless rainbow.
Un Ennangal Neerootra, Engengu Pootheno,
I bloom everywhere when your memories flood over me.

Parandhu Pogindren Full Song | Kuthiraivaal

Kuthiraivaal Film’s Parandhu Pogindren Music Video | Anjali Patil | Kalaiyarasan

Check out the hot music video for Parandhu Pogindren from a pleasure-some movie Kuthiraivaal.

Parandhu Pogindren Song Details
Song Parandhu Pogindren
Movie Kuthiraivaal
Backing Vocalist Kalyani Nair, Pradeep Kumar
Lyricist Prasath Ramar
Instrumentalist Pradeep Kumar
Star Anjali Patil, Kalaiyarasan