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Paravashanadenu Lyrics with English Translation from the Kannada film ‘Paramathma’ starring Aindrita Ray, Deepa Sannidhi, and Puneeth Rajkumar is a lovely song with shapely vowels by Sonu Nigam. Jayanth Kaikini penned the trippy lyrics to the Paravashanadenu song. PARAVASHANADENU’s beautiful soundtrack is written by V. Harikrishna. Yogaraj Bhat is in charge of the chantey’s stunning music video.


Make sure to check Paravashanadenu Song Lyrics that Sonu Nigam charmingly hummed and are featured in the Paramathma film of Puneeth Rajkumar, Deepa Sannidhi, Aindrita Ray . Jayanth Kaikini has introduced the Paravashanadenu Kannada lyrics with English translation and Yogaraj Bhat conducted the music video.


Paravashanadenu Ariyuva Munnave
I got mesmerized without my own knowledge.
Parichitanagali Hege Pranayaku Munnave
How can I get familiar with you before our courtship?

Idakintha Bega Innu Sigabaraditte Neenu
Couldn’t you meet me earlier?
Innadaru Koodittuko Nee Nannannu Kaleyuva Munnave
Keep me with you at least now, before I’m lost.

Paravashanadenu Ariyuva Munnave
I didn’t know it, but I got mesmerised.
Parichitanagali Hege Pranayaku Munnave
How can I get to know you before we get together?

Ninna Kanniganthu Nanu Nirupayogi Eegalu
You still think that I’m a useless guy.
Innu Bere Yenu Beku Prema Yogi Agalu
What else do I need to do to become a lover boy?

Ho Araluva Saddhanu Ninna Nageyali Kelaballe
I hear the sound of the blossoming flower in your laughter.
Nanna Ekanthavannu Tiddhikodu Neeneega Ninthalle
Drive away my loneliness with your presence.

Nanene Andaroonu Nanagintha Chooti Neenu
No matter what I say, you are smarter than me.
Tutiyalliye Muchchittuko Mutthondhanu Kadhiyuva Munnave
Conceal a kiss in your lips, before I steal it.

Paravashanadenu Ariyuva Munnave
Without realizing it, I was mesmerized.
Parichitanagali Hege Pranayaku Munnave
How can I get to know you before we start dating?

Kanasali Thumba Kettiruvenu Ninnanu Keladhe
Without your knowledge, I’m being too naughty in your dream.
Rekkeya Neene Kattirulu E Hrudayavu Haridhe
Despite being in your confinement, my heart is racing.

Nanna Kouthuka Ondonde Helabeku
I’d like to share all of my desires with you.
Aalisuvaga Nodu Nannanne Saku
Just look at me as you listen to my story.

Sahavasa Dhoshadhinda Sari Hoga Bahude Nanu
While in a relationship with you, I may reform.
Nanagagiye Kadittuko Hatavondhanu Kenakuva Munnave
Before I tease you, be firm.

Paravashanadenu Ariyuva Munnave
Without my awareness, I became entranced.
Parichitanagali Hege Pranayaku Munnave
How can I get to know you before our courtship?

Paravashanadenu Full Song | Paramathma

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Paravashanadenu Song Details
Track Title Paravashanadenu
Movie Paramathma (film)
Lead Singer Sonu Nigam
Lyricist Jayanth Kaikini
Music Director V. Harikrishna
Lead Puneeth Rajkumar

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