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Pardesiya Song is sung by Zara Madani for the most recent season at Coke Studio. Grab the English translation of the lyrics of the Pardesiya track. A marvellous song is an anthem of yearning, with the flavours of Eastern classical and rock music blended together.


Song: Pardesiya
Artist(s): Zara Madani
Lyricist(s): Asim Raza
Composer(s): Zara Madani


Pardesiya! Pardesiya!
Dil Ki Girhen Khol Rahi
Gireh Khule Naa Koyi
Man Hi Man Men Bol Rahi

O lover who has left for distant lands.
I am trying to calm my tangled thoughts,
but no calm comes to me.
I am trying to talk to myself.

Baat Bane Naa Koyi
Piya Pardesi Hue Hain
Main Kamli Huyi, Haan Kamli Huyi
Kamli Huyi, Kamli! Kamli! Kamli!

But nothing I try seems to work.
My love has left for distant lands,
and I have become crazed with longing. Yes, crazed with longing.
Crazed! Crazed! Crazed!

Panchhi Nadiya Pawan Ke Jhonke
Saawan Rut Satrangiya Chhaayi
Tujh Bin Soone Des Mein Haaye

There’s the bird who sings, the flowing river, and the refreshing breeze,
it’s the rainy season of love – a beautiful rainbow has spread over the sky,
but without you, it all feels barren and colourless.

Kaun Kare Meri Dil-Joyi
Main Kamli Huyi, Kamli Huyi
Haan Kamli Huyi, Main Kamli Huyi
Haan Kamli Huyi,

No one can cheer my heart.
And I have become crazed with longing.
Crazed with longing. Yes, crazed with longing.
And I have become crazed with longing.
Yes, crazed with longing.

Pardesiya! Pardesiya! Pardesiya!
More Rasiya! Man Basiya! Daras Dikha
Saawan Ka Mausam Bhi Beet Gaya
Pardesiya Tujhko Jiya Taras Gaya

O lover who has left for distant lands.
My charming lover. My heart’s treasure. Let me see your beloved face.
The rainy season has also passed.
O, my distant love, my heart has been desperately yearning for you.

Kaaga Re, Kaaga Re, Le Ja Mera Sandes
Piya Se Boliyo Teri Ham-Joli Tujhko Bulaave Des
Sab Kuchh Chhor Ke Aa Ja Waapas
Ya Le Ja Mujhe Pardes

O raven. O raven. Take my message to my beloved.
Go tell him, your childhood companion is calling you home.
Leave everything and come back home to me.
Or else take me away with you.

Coke Studio 2020 | Pardesiya Music Video | Zara Madani

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