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Pehle Ke Jaisa Lyrics from Jalebi Movie is a Hindi sad song and translation of verses in English has been shared on this page.


Pehle ke jaisa kuch bhi nahi hai
Nothing is like it used to be,
Din raat aankhon mein ik nami hai,
Tears keep ticking down my face.

Pehle ke jaise mausam nahi hai
The weather is no longer like it used to be,
Baadal toh hai par barish nahi hai
The clouds are here but there’s no rain,
Is mod pe aa gaye hum batao
What are this crossroads we’ve come to?
Raahein toh hain, humsafar hi nahi hai!
The roads are still here but not the companion.

Aao chalein hum phir se wahaan pe
Come let’s walk down the same lane,
Jahaan pe kabhi khushbuon se miley the
Whre we experienced those fragrances,

Shayad wahin pe kahin kuch bacha ho
May be there’s something left
Jahaan pe kabhi saath hum tum chale thhe
Where we started this journey together.

Jisey kho diya hai, khatam ho gaya hai
The one that we’ve lost and is over.
Uss pyar ko zindagi denge phir se
May be we can rekindle that love again.

Qismat humein leke aayi kahaan pe
What is this place, fate has brought us to?
Samay chal raha hai magar hum ruke hain
Time’s running its pace but we’re standing still,

Mere khwaab sab aakhiri saans leke
My dreams have breathed their last
Gehraaiyon mein dafan ho chuke hain
And are lost in the endless depths,

Na awaaz koi hai hum tak pahuchti
Not a single sound that gets to us,
Badi door khud se hum ja chuke hain
We’ve alleviated from ourselves.

Rishton mein khamoshiyan aa gayi hain
Silence has croppped up in our relationships
Seene mein bhi dhadkano ki kami hai
And the heartbeats are missing.

Pehle ke jaise mere paas aao
Comeback to me like before,
Zaroorat hai humko gale se lagaao
I need you to hold me tight in your arms.

Nahin raas aate hain humko andhere
I can’t live in this darkness,
Chalo chheen laayein phir woh savere,
Let’s bring back those dawns again.

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