Peyyum Nilavil Lyrics Translation – Maniyarayile Ashokan (movie)

Peyyum Nilavil Song Lyrics from Maniyarayile Ashokan Malayalam movie by KS Harisankar with translation in English is available now. Hari Narayanan BK is the lyrics writer of ‘Peyyum Nilaavu’ and below is the meaning of songlines.

peyyum nilavil lyrics maniyarayile ashokan meaning in english

Song Name: Peyyum Nilaavu (Malayalam)
Album/Movie: Maniyarayile Ashokan (2020)
Singer(s): KS Harisankar
Lyrics Writer(s): Hari Narayanan BK
Music Director(s): Sreehari K. Nair
Music Video Director: Shamzu Zayba
Music Video Features: Gregory, Anupama, Parameswaran


Peyyum Nilavulla Ravil Aro Aro,
Ambal Mani Poovinullil Vanne Aro,
On the night of a moonlit shower, Someone!
In the heart of a lily flower, Came one. Someone!

Var Meghavum Ven Tharavum,
Manjum Katum Kanathe Thazhe Vanne,
Neither the rain cloud nor the bright star,
Neither the snow nor the breeze saw it coming unknown, but come it did alone.

Iru Mizhikalil Aniviralodu, Thoovunnu Poovil Aro,
Over the eyes, fingers blind Caressing a flower in kind. Someone!

Venal Kinavin Thooval Pozhinje,
Kanathe Ninnil Cherunnatharo,
As the summer dream sheds its quill,
Who comes to you unseen still?

Thoo Marivillin Chayanagalale,
Ullam Thalodan Kaineetti Aro,
With the hues of a rainbow,
Who holds out to caress you so?

Kathoram Vannoro, Nimishanthin Eenangal Moolum Aro,
Mounam Polum Thenayae Mattum Aro,
With a song in your ears every beatWho hums to you,
Oh, so sweet! Who turns your bitter silence into sweet nectar? Someone!

Megham Pole, Mazhaneer Kudam Anurgam, Thorathe Thanne Aro,
Who? Like the brimming cloud. Gives me the pot of never-ending love? Someone!

Ra Theerathin Ambal Poovo,
Manathe Moha Thinkalodu Cherum Neram,
Premathin Adhya Sugandham,
When the lily that floats on the night’s shore,
Weds the beguiling moon that it bore.
The first scent of love!

Iravathin Mizhikalo, Ivare Nokki Nilkkume Izha Muriya,
Kaval Pole Aro Dhoore, Athmavin Geetham Padum,
The eyes of the night sky gaze at them and don’t bat an eye.
Like a guardian angel! Someone far away will sing the song of my heart.

Etho Vegam, Mazhaneer Kudam Anurgam, Thorathe Peyyum,
Who. Like the brimming cloud. Gives me the pot of never-ending love?

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