Phir Chala Lyrics Translation – Ginny Weds Sunny (2020)

Phir Chala Lyrics by Jubin Nautiyal Ft. Vikrant Massey with English translation from ‘Ginny Weds Sunny’ movie are available now. Kunaal Vermaa is the lyricist and Payal Dev has composed the music.


Song Name: Phir Chala (Hindi)
Album/Movie: Ginny Weds Sunny (2020)
Singer(s): Payal Dev, Jubin Nautiyal
Lyrics Writer(s): Kunaal Vermaa
Music Director(s): Payal Dev


Jo Humnawa The Ab Woh Khafa Hain
Kal Humsafar The Ab Hain Juda
Kyun Ansuon Se Likhne Lagi Hain Ab Zindghani Yeh Dastaan

The one who was once accordant is upset.
The one who was once a companion has now a different path to tread.
Why is the story of my life being penned by tears?

Pehle The Hase Jitna Ab Utna Bura Lagta Hai
Sab To Kho Gaya Mujhse Ab Kiske Liye Rukna Hai

Why does what once feltĀ so good feel so bad now?
I have already lost everything.
I have nothing to wait for.

Phir Chala Phir Chala Un Raahon Se Dil Chala
Phir Chala Phir Chala Un Raahon Se Dil Chala

Once again, the heart treads on the same path.
The heart treads on the same path once again.

Paane Ki Chahat Mein Kho Gaya
Khwabon Ke Hathon Se Dil Gir Gaya
Tooti Jo Neendein Dikha Hi Nahi
Jaane Kahan Woh Musafir Gaya

Aiming for a win, it lost.
My dreams made me lose my heart.
My shattered dreams remain undisclosed.
My companion’s location remained unknown.

Nikle The Sahi Karne Hum Phir Bhi Galat Hi Hua Hai
Anjaane Mein Jaane Kaise Humse Gunah Ho Gaya Hai

I ventured out to do the right thing, but it went all wrong.
I don’t know what I have done wrong unknowingly.

Phir Chala Phir Chala Un Raahon Se Dil Chala
Phir Chala Phir Chala Un Raahon Se Dil Chala

Once again, The heart treads on the same path.
Again, the heart walks along the same path.

Takdeeron Ki Is Ladayi Mein
Baithe Hain Rishte Yeh Haare Huye
Bechare Dil Ko To Poochho Koyi Iski Khushi Isko Kya Chahiye

In this battle of fates, relationships were defeated.
Someone ask the poor heart,
What would make you happy? What do you desire?

Rehti Thi Jahaan Raunak Ab Ghar Woh Soona Pada Hai
Woh Jo Khwaab Dekha Tha 100 Tukdon Mein Toota Pada Hai

The house that was so lively, stands empty now.
The onceĀ treasured dream, lies shattered now.

Phir Chala Music Video

Vikrant Massey starring music video of Phir Chala track.

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