Phir Mulaqat Lyrics (with Translation) – Cheat India | Song Meaning

PHIR MULAQAT HOGI KABHI LYRICS (with Translation) from CHEAT INDIA HINDI MOVIE – Here is a melodious song ‘Phir Mulaqat’ with meaning of its lyrics in English. Jubin Nautiyal hums the song-lines and Kunaal-Rangon (Songster) has composed it.

Kunaal Vermaa is the songwriter of “Phir Mulaqat” song featuring Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwanthary from Cheat India film, released by T-Series. To know the meaning to this Hindi song, you may read the following Hindi lyrics below:


Toh kya huwa, judaa huway
Even thouigh we have been separated,
Magar hai khushi mile toh thay
I am glad that we met,
Toh kya huwa, murhe raaste
Even our paths have divided,
Kuch door sang chale toh thhe
Good thing is that we did walk together for some distance.

Dobara milenge kisi mod pe
We would meet again at some passage of destiny,
Jo baaqi hai woh baat hogi kabhi
And shall talk what’s left unsaid.
Chalo aaj chalte hain hum
Let’s make a move today.

Phir mulaqat hogi kabhi, phir mulaqat hogi kabhi
Shall catch up again sometime,
Judaa ho rahe hain kadam
Our feet are distancing,
Phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi
We shall meet-up again sometime.

Dukhaaun main dil jaate-jaate tera
Mera aisa koi iraada nahi
While going away, I have no intension to hurt you
Chhupa lunga main hans ke aansu mere
I shall gladly hide my tears,
Yeh teri khushi se toh zyada nahi
They aren’t worth more than your happiness.

Jo bichde nahi toh phir kya mazaa
What’s the fun if we were never separated
Zaroori hai rehni bhi thodi kami
It is necessary to have a little need of you,
Nahi hoga kuch bhi khatam
Nothing is going to end.

Phir mulakat hogi kabhi, phir mulakat hogi kabhi
Someday, we would meet again, someday, we would meet again,
Judaa ho rahe hain kadam, phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi
Even our feet are dividing into separate paths, we would meet again someday.

Sitaaron ki is bheed ko gaur se
Ik aakhiri baar phir dekh lo
See this crowd of stars for the last time,
Ye jo do alag se hain baithe huwe
Ye tum ho, ye main hoon, yehi maan lo
Imagine that we’re those two distinct stars.

Yeh din mein nahin nazar aayenge
They won’t be visible during the day,
Magar kal ko jab raat hogi kabhi
Jo yeh roshni hogi kamm..
But tomorrow night when it’s dark…

Fir mulaqaat hogee kabhee
Fir mulaqaat hogi kabhi
They would meet again sometime..
Juda ho rahe hain kadam
The feet moving to separated paths,
Phir mulaaqat hogi kabhi
They would meet again sometime.

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