Poster Lagwa Do Lyrics (with Transaltion) – Luka Chuppi

Poster Lagwa Do Song lyrics translation Luka ChuppiPoster Lagwa Do Lyrics with Translation in English from the latest Bollywood film “Luka Chuppi” is a reacreated famous Hindi song. The vocalists in the playback are Mika Singh and Sunanda Sharma.

Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon are the film stars in music video from Luka Chuppi movie. The new song “POSTER LAGWA DO BAZAR MEIN IK LADKA” has been lyrically written by Ananad Bakshi and White Noise Studios. You can checkout the meaning of catchy song lyrics below.


Ho ye khabar chhapwa dø akhbar mein,
Print this news in the newspaper.
Poster lagwa do bazar mein,
Put up posters in the market.

Hø yeh khabar chapwa do akhbaar meinm
Poster lagva do bazaar mein,

Haan, ik ladka ik ladki,
Ik ladka ik ladki, ladka-ladki…
A boy and a girl…

Ho dono pagal ho gaye pyar mein.
Have gone crazy in love.

Dhoøndne ko pyar main ghooma hu gali-gali,
I search for love everywhere,
Tu jo mil gayi tøh,
I havr got you,
Dil ko mail gayi tasalli.
It gave my heart a satisfaction.

Dhoondnay ko pyaar mai,
Seeking love..
Ghøomi hoon gali gali,
I have roamed through all the streets around,
Tu jo mil gaya to dil ko mil gayee tasallli.
Now that I have you. My heart is satisfied.

Ab jø milay hai hum-tum,
So now that we are together.
Aa ho jáyein khálli-balli,
Let’s have some fun.

Ye na ho fás jaayein,
Yeh naá ho fas jaayein,
God forbid, they don’t get caught..
Ye na ho, náa ho. Jayein, jayein..
God forbid…
Dono is sansár mein.
They two don’t get caught in this world.

Akhbar huwa puraná baby
Online de do news,
The newspapers are outdated. Spread the news on internet, baby.
Ki main teri mehbuba aur tu háI mera muse,
I am your lover and you’re my inspiration.
Le le credit card tu meri,
You could borrow my credit card..
Aáj hi karle choose,
And choose for us today..
Shaadi destinátion wali, honeymoon on cruise.
A perfect destination where we can go for honeymoon on a cruise.

Aájkal tere-mere pyar ke charche,
Nowadays our love is the hot topic,
Har zubáan pe shori,
Everyone has been talking about it.
Sabko maalum pad gaya toh kya baby,
So what? If everyone knows about us.
I am not sorry.
I do not have any regrets for it.

Teri mummy ko náhi tension,
Your mother is cool with it.
Tere papa ka main pension,
You papa will have my support in his older age.
Tu le-le na attention,
I give a attention..
Chori páagal kyun ho ri, yeah.
Why do you act crazy, girl?

O ye khabár chapwado akhbar mein
Print this news in the newspapers
Poster lagwádo bazar mein.
Put the posters in the market.

Yeh khabár chhapwa do akhbaar mein,
Arey poster lagwá do bazar mein.

Haan ik ládka, ik ladki,
Ik ladká-ladki….
A boy and a girl..
Ho dono pagal ho gaye pyaar mein.
Have gone crazy in love.


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