Prema O Prema Lyrics Translation – NGK (Telugu) Movie

Prema O Prema Lyrics from the Telugu version of Suriya’s ‘NGK’ movie with English translation is out now. Sid Sriram is an artist, who hummed the Telugu verses alongside Hemambiga. Chandrabose is the lyricist and Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the music for Prema O Prema track. Learn the meaning of its stanzas.

Ngk Prema O Prema Song Lyrics Telugu English Suriya Rakul


Prema! Prema! O prema! O prema!
My love, My love. Hey love, Hey love.

Prema Sudigalai Nuvve Unte Chirugalai Cherana
Nishi Laga Nuvve Unte Ninnu Needai Thakana
Nadhi Laga Nuvve Unte Chinukai Ney Chindhana

My love, if you are like a whirlwind, can I come close to you like a soft breeze?
If you are like a bright morning, can I touch you and be your shadow?
If you are like a river, shall I sprinkle like a droplet?

Adiga Badhuladiga Nee Adugai Nadiche
Margam Choopuma Choopuma
Pilicha Ninnu Pilicha Nee Kalalo Niliche
Manthram Cheppuma Cheppuma

Asking you for you to answer, to show me the way to follow your footsteps. Show me.
I called you to tell me the secret, to live in your dreams. Show me.

Priya Megham Kurise Vela Pudamentha Andhamo
Maru Malli Mandharala Chelimentha Andhamo

Your feet look so beautiful when lovely cloud showers the rain.
The bond between jasmine and hibiscus is so beautiful.

Egase Alalegase Nee Premalo Andham
Yedhane Lagene Lagene

The beauty of your love, like a boisterous tide, has pulled me towards you. Pulled me.

Na Gundello Ninde Moham Swasallo Dhoopam Vese
Chuttoora Pogalai Kammene Guttantha Thelipene

The passion of my heart is incensing my breath,
and covering like smoke in the surrounding and revealing the secret.

Thalapunu Vadhalani Yochana Perigenu Manasuna Yathana
Prayamu Chese Prarthana Paruguna Vache Mohana

Though, that’s not going out of my mind, is elevating the pain of my heart
Prayer at my age is running with a passion.

Oh Chaitra Masana Meghame Chindhenu Varsham
Koonanallona Mogadha Bhoopala Ragam

Hey cloud of the spring season, showered the rain.
In the far-flung corners, (bhoopala ragam)

Prema O Prema, Mana Needala Rangulu
Nede Kalisene Kalisene
Chelime Mana Chelime Oka Anuvai Perigi
Akhilam Ainadhe Ainadhe

My love! My love!
The colours of our shadow today have become one.
Our bond has grown into a cell and has become unique.

Anuragam Padalante Mounam Sangeethame
Anubhandham Choopalante Saripodhe Janmame

If affection has to sing, silence is the music.
If I have to show intimacy, a lifetime is not enough.

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Prema O Prema Song Details

Title of Song: Prema O Premaa (Telugu)
Movie Title: NGK Telugu
Vocalist(s): Sid Sriram, Hemambiga
Songwriter(s): Chandrabose
Music Director(s): Yuvan Shankar Raja
Film Director(s): Sri Raghava
Actors: Suriya, Sai Pallavi, Rakul Preet Singh