Problems Over Peace Lyrics Translation (in English): AP Dhillon | Stormzy

The “Problems Over Peace Lyrics Translation” track by AP Dhillon and Stormzy is a perfect amalgamation of Punjabi and English lyrics. It showcases a delightful blend of rap and traditional Punjabi music elements. The lyrics are incredibly insightful, exploring various themes such as lifestyle, success, and self-determination.

Problems Over Peace Lyrics Translation English Ap Dhillon Stormzy
Title Problems Over Peace
Vocalist(s) AP Dhillon, Stormzy
Lyricist(s) Ap Dhillon, Stormzy
Producer(s) Satinderpal Singh, Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., Frederik Thrane & Kristoffer Winkler

The latest teamwork song, “Problems Over Peace,” with its translated Punjabi lyrics, references luxury brands and opulence, symbolizing wealth. AP Dhillon expresses a preference for living life on their terms. In the chorus, they assert their independence and self-reliance, emphasizing their carefree attitude and disdain for authority figures. Stormzy’s rap verse adds confidence and assertiveness, highlighting his success in the music industry and collaboration with Ap Dhillon.


Fendi Dian Jeba Vicho Afeem Nikle
Teeli Laka Pinde Aeen Nighe Lagde
Goddi Chale Poori Na Koi Sir Majboori
Thaa Dodia Lai Paka Tin Vigha Chadde

The opening verse mentions wearing branded clothes and keeping opium in pockets.
The singer expresses a fondness for farming, despite not being helpless to do it.
They also mention measuring and having a place for opium plants in fields.

Audheyan Te Behke Kade Kiti Na Wajiri
Gal Hanji Nal Karidi Jnab Nal Nai

The singer claims never to have tried to dictate despite having the authority and stresses the importance of showing respect and avoiding being too frank with everyone.

Gut Lagi Gharhi De Aa Nag Dasde Ni
Asi Hisab Nal Jeene Aa Kitab Nal Nai

The singer says that he lives according to their own wishes and not by the book.
They also mention that their extravagant lifestyle is indicated by the diamonds on their watch.

Kacheriyon Aa Kurte Savaake Jaide
Kacheriyan De Andar Aa Pake Jaide
Kale Coat-An Valia Nal Poori Rakhi Yaari
Titar Batere Raunda Nal Daide

When he goes to court hearings, the singer wears Punjabi Kurtas.
He says that lawyers are his good friends, and he doesn’t like to associate with fake people, comparing them to birds.

Kann Laake Suna Je Koi Puchda Sawal
Neend Chati Vich Paune Aa Javab Nal Ni
Gut Lagi Gharhi De Aa Nag Dasde Ni
Asi Hisab Nal Jeene Aa Kitab Nal Nai

To give appropriate and witty answers, I always listen attentively when someone asks me a question
In the chorus of the song, the singer expresses that they live their life according to their own will and intuition, rather than following any strict rules.
They also mention their luxurious lifestyle, which is symbolized by the diamonds on their watch.

Ah 0k I Get It!
You Man Think I’m A Donut?
You Man Think I’m A Jokeman?
Come We Hash It Out Like Grown Ups
I Dunno What You Thought But
Don’t Insult Us (Oi Don’t Insult Us)
I Don’t Really Talk Too Much Like Bro Does
Everything That Comes Out My Mouth Is Gold Dust
24 Karat Raps I Just Shot Dem
Pick Any Flow You Like I Got Options
Ask When I Come Nice I Say Often
They Ask If I Want Peace, I Want Problems
Who’s On What Let’s Wait And See
Me And AP Had AP Dreams
Me And AP Got AP Money
Now We Don’t Watch Nothin’ Like We Hate Tv

This is a rap by Stormzy. He challenges those who insult him and says he produces only high-quality lyrics.
He also mentions his success and financial power alongside his friend AP, indicating they don’t watch TV anymore.

Gut Lagi Gharhi De Aa Nag Dasde Ni
Asi Hisab Nal Jeene Aa Kitab Nal Nai

The singer mentions in the chorus that they live according to their personal desires and thoughts, rather than sticking to any set rules or guidelines.
They also hint at their extravagant lifestyle, which can be seen through the diamonds adorning their watch.

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“Problems Over Peace” is a confident and independent song that celebrates individuality and success despite societal expectations. Its catchy beats and powerful lyrics resonate with listeners who value freedom and authenticity.

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