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Pushpavati Lyrics with meaning in English from the Kannada movie ‘Kranti’ featuring Rachita Ram, Darshan is an excellent song, and it has a winsome performance by Aishwarya Rangarajan, V. Harikrishna. The sterling lyrics of the Pushpavati track are penned down by Yogaraj Bhat. V. Harikrishna is the accordionist of PUSHPAVATI’s top-notch music. The tantalizing music video of the poetry is headed by V. Harikrishna.


Stream Pushpavati Song Lyrics that Aishwarya Rangarajan, V. Harikrishna magnificently hummed and are featured in the Kranti film of Darshan, Rachita Ram . Yogaraj Bhat has written down the Pushpavati Kannada lyrics and V. Harikrishna counseled the music video.


Lailandu Gadi Hati Bantondu Kalakruti
All decked up and ready to go! A work of art now on show!
Sarvanga Naram Aiti Saundarya Garam Aiti
Her soft-limbed moves and doe-like eyes! Give me a fever that’s on the rise.

Haiklasu Hansa Nadigi Hallande Vansha Bedagi
Her swan-like grace reflects beauty’s lineage.
Suttalati Masaru Gadigi Savinanti Kela Hudugi
The driving churn of those shapely hips brings one sweet wish to my lips.
Sonta Sumaka Yaka Bidati Yaka Bidati
Shake those hips, go!

Shake It Pushpavati! Shake It Pushpavati! Shake It Pushpavati!
Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati!

Nima Nodaka Bandeni Bhava, Nana Shishtar Bay Phrend Niva
I am here to see you. My sister’s boyfriend, are you?
Gyapyaka Itkontiri Atyaka Nintkovallari Gipht Kodri Ondu Sarti Ondu Sarti
Why this yawning gap between us? Won’t you come close, make no fuss? Kiss me once! Just once!

Take it Pushpavati! Take it Pushpavati! Take it Pushpavati!
Take it Pushpavati! Take it Pushpavati! Take it Pushpavati!

Tatagu Kobrenni Taligi Tattovru Bekagaiti Hitagaiti Hitagaiti
A dab of oil for my hair applied by hands that care to cool down my body heat.
Ubhayam Kuslopari Ottikootkondu Matadovru Bekagaiti Bekagaiti
Exchange sweet nothings with desire frothing I need some one!

Aa Taipu Avhana Kodabyadri, Namagegdammu Erataiti Dhadakannu
Don’t send me such an invite! This call sends my heart thudding.
Namdu Ena Idru Mani Oota Tinnangilla Horaga Gulakannu
Only home-cooked food for me, forbidden the ‘outside’ delicacy.

Na Pushpavati No Anabyadri Novakaiti
I am Pushpavati. Your ‘no’ will hurt me.
Yas Andru Trasakaiti No Andru Trasakaiti
It hurts to say ‘yes’, And I want to say ‘no’ even less!
Byaku Baluku Yake Biduti Yake Biduti
Won’t you groove my way? Won’t you groove my way?

Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati!
Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati!

Akkana Raviki Tottagella Niva Nenapakkiri Bhava
When I wear my sister’s dress thoughts of you leave me a hot mess
Beko Peko Aghokkeni Tadakollada Illa Jiva
The very thought makes me blush! I cannot control this rush!

Bulubullu Baratala Bayitumba Baitala
My girl will come, she will give me an earful of advice.
Ningeradu Bidtala Nennelakondu Hogtala
Mouth words at you packed in spice. She will drag me away.

Ede Hatara Yaka Barti Ede Usira Yaka Bidti
But why do you come so close, though? Why does your bosom heave so?
Tali Hatara Yaka Jigiti Kivi Hatara Yaka Nagati
Why do you dart at me, dear? Why whisper a smile in my ear?
Badi Baluku Yaka Bidati Yaka Bidati
Why don’t you sway your body my way?

Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati!
Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati! Shake it Pushpavati!

Pushpavati Full Song | Kranti

Kranti Film’s Pushpavati Music Video | Rachita Ram | Darshan

Check out the most recent music video for Pushpavati from a tantalizing movie Kranti.

Pushpavati Song Details
Track Title Pushpavati
Movie Kranti
Lead Singer Aishwarya Rangarajan, V. Harikrishna
Poet Yogaraj Bhat
Music Producer V. Harikrishna
Featuring Darshan, Rachita Ram

“Pushpavati” is a beautiful and vibrant song that showcases the incredible vocal talents of V. Harikrishna and Aishwarya Rangarajan. The music, composed by V. Harikrishna, is stirring and evocative, and the lyrics, written by Yogaraj Bhat, are profoundly poetic and moving. The music video, directed by V. Harikrishna, perfectly captures the mood and atmosphere of the song, adding to its overall impact. “Pushpavati” is a true masterpiece of Kannada music and will surely be appreciated by anyone who loves a well-crafted and moving song. Its inclusion in the film “Kranti” only adds to its already considerable appeal.

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