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Pyaar Lona Paagal Lyrics with translation in English, from the Telugu movie ‘Ravanasura’ featuring Ravi Teja is splendiferous song, and it has hallucinatory voice by Ravi Teja. The laudable lyrics of the Pyaar Lona Paagal number are provided by Kasarla Shyam. Harshavardhan Rameshwar is the accordionist of PYAR LONA PAGAL’s worthy music. The honorable music video of the anthem is guided by Sudheer Varma.

Pyaar Lona Paagal Lyrics Ravanasura Ravi Teja

“Pyaar Lona Paagal” from the movie “Ravanasura” is a fun and catchy Telugu song that will surely make you groove to its beats. Sung by the talented Ravi Teja, who also stars in the movie, the song is a perfect blend of humor and heartbreak. The music, composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar, is peppy and energetic. The lyrics penned by Kasarla Shyam are witty and relatable. The song portrays the protagonist’s humorous take on his failed relationship as he uniquely tries to cope with the heartbreak.


Ho Kanakamalachi Preminchi, Itta Vadilellake, Come On Boys!
Hello My Dear Boys And Girls Please Listen To My Sad Story
Meri Girl Friend Mujhe Chod Gayi Chali Gayi
Aur Mein Pagal Ho Gaya

O Kanakamalachi, don’t desert after loving me.
Hello there, my dear boys and girls. Please hear my sad story.
My girlfriend abandoned me.
And I am going bonkers.

Nenu Pyar Lona Pagal Ye Local Baba Sehgal Ye
Neeku Pelli Peetale Nakemo Breakup Patale
Dillu Neeku Ichane Full Nake Ichave

I am mad in love; I am local Baba Sehgal while you get married.
I am humming break-up songs,
After giving my heart to you while you punch it.

Vadiki Signal Ichave Nannemo Road Ki Gunjave
Nenu Sincere Lover Ye Pettinavu Flower Ye
Kanneellu Naku Shower Ye Odharchedi Yevare Ye

You gave him green signal, while leaving me in the lurch.
Gave me a big cauliflower for being a sincere lover!
Bathing in the tearful showers, nobody to console me!

“Pagilipoyina Hrudayam Mukkalni
Ee Whisky Tho Athukudham Ani Na Asha”

“Trying to mend my heart with this broken whiskey glass.”

Intlo Chusthe Mahalakshmi Type U
Instagram-U Lo Jyothilakshmi Oopu
Band Baja Nuve Geesina Map U
Gunde Pagili Unnane Nee Vaipu

Looking like Goddess, Lakshmi at home,
While posting Instagram visuals like Jyoti Lakshmi.
Facing music now, the map you made of my life,
Made me turn to you even if hear broken.

Naku Goli Maro Neekemo Teen U Maru
Na Seat U Kinda Fire U Neeku Flight Lo Shikaru
Greeting Card Ye Neekisthe, Wedding Card Ye Ichave
Vadilo Em Chusave, Nanne Endhuku Munchave

For me all gunfire, but you dance to joyful beats.
Myself in flames, you are up in the sky.
When I give you greeting card, you show me wedding card.
What did you see in him that made you walk out on me, missed a golden chance.

Bhale Bhale Chance Le, Nee Barathullo Dance Le
Aithe Moodu Ounce Le Nen Ninne Marchipothale
Arey Azamu, Oye! Appude Apesaventra Adhi Santhoshamtho
Tapa Ani Gurthujesthundhi Ra Dhanem A Kottandra Rey

You will have merry dance festival,
while I drown my sorrows with my glass.
Hey, dude! Why did you stop?
She is into merry making beat the bloody blues away.

Prati Manishi Edo Oka Matthulo
Tanaki Istam Lenide Kastam Anedi
Marachipovadaniki Prayatnisthune Untundi
Marupannadi Lekunte Manava Jeevitam Narakam

A man is in trance,
causing his pain points to distress him more.
But the destresses from that by trying to forget.
Otherwise, life’s going to be hell.

Ravanasura Film’s Pyaar Lona Paagal Music Video | Ravi Teja

The director Sudheer Varma has done a fantastic job creating a visually appealing music video that complements the song’s upbeat vibe. Ravi Teja’s energetic performance adds charm to the song. His vocals are impressive lyrics filled with clever wordplay and metaphors, adding to the song’s appeal. It’s a song that will make you laugh and dance while also relating to the pain of a failed relationship.

Pyaar Lona Paagal Song Details
Track Name Pyaar Lona Paagal
Movie Ravanasura
Lead Vocalist Ravi Teja
Lyrics Writer Kasarla Shyam
Music Composer Harshavardhan Rameshwar
Lead Ravi Teja

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