Qayanat Lyrics: Nimrat Khaira

“Qayanat,” a soulful Punjabi song by Nimrat Khaira, is a beautiful rendition that profoundly resonates with the essence of Punjabi culture. While the music video for this song is yet to be released, the composition and lyrics of “Qayanat” transport the listeners to the heart of Punjabi traditions, particularly in the context of wedding celebrations.

Qayanat lyrics nimrat khaira

The music, deeply rooted in folk traditions, exudes the joy and vibrancy often associated with Punjabi wedding processions. Nimrat Khaira’s vocals, although not yet heard in the music video, are expected to bring out the traditional charm and euphoria that such songs usually carry.

The lyrics of “Qayanat” are nothing short of timeless, narrating the legendary love story of Ranjha and Heer. Nimrat Khaira artfully expresses her emotions by equating her body to the cosmos, a metaphor that signifies the vastness of love and its all-encompassing nature. When she mentions, “Oh, sun, today I looked at you and discovered that your color is similar to mine,” it encapsulates the idea of love transcending boundaries, mirroring the union of two souls.


Ranjha Chann Taare Vagg Tareyan Da
Sara Ambar Hai Lagda Jhang Warga
Rode Khed’di Chaan’niyan Naal Sochaan
Kera Dhartiyan Da Meri Wang Warga

Meri Deh Ho Gayi Qaynaat Wargi
Meri Deh Ho Gayi Qaynaat Wargi
Sara Khel Hoya Mere Ang Warga
Tainu Surja Ajj Main Takkeya Ve
Tu Tan Nikleya Mere Hi Rang Warga

Gallan Ishq Diyan Kahnu Chhed Laiyan
Eh Tan Parbat Nu Ve Dhakkdiyan Ne
Mainu Agg Wichon Vi Neer Dise
Aggan Paniyan Wich Vi Machdiyan Ne

Meri Akh Ne Tak Laye Raaz Dunghe
Mere Pairan Nu Sagal Zameen Mil Gayi
Russi Jogiyan Ton Dadha Chir Hoya
Ajj Fer Salakhni Been Mil Gayi

Saiyo Bhagan Wala Din Aan Latha
Saiyo Bhagan Wala Din Aan Latha
Suhe Phullan Cho Simdi Sugand Warga
Tainu Surja Ajj Main Takeya Ve
Tu Tan Nikleya Mere Hi Rang Warga

Na Tan Es Pase Na Tan Os Pase
Wiche Wich Hi Hun Sardariyan Ve
Tabbar Palne Dil Kau Saad Hona
Naale Rabb Te Nale Duniyadariyan Ve

Roohan Apni Thaan Te Haan Apni Thaan
Jekar Dohan Ch Pura Samghol Hove
Hunda Bada Zaruri Ae Badal Jana
Chann Adha Te Chann Kade Gol Hove

Nale Gujha Vi Hai Nale Nazar Aave
Nale Gujha Vi Hai Nale Nazar Aave
Hunda Ishq Tan Seyone De Dand Warga
Tainu Surja Ajj Main Takeya Ve
Tu Tan Nikleya Mere Hi Rang Warga

Main Tainu Milagi Aisi Ik Thaan Utte
Thandi Paun Di Ve Saa Saa Utte
Ik Boond Vi Khoon Di Duldi Nai
Jithe Rang Nasal De Naa Utte

Eh Tan Ruhan De Resheyan Da Geet Sucha
Eh Tan Sahan Ton Nazuk Mod Koyi
Eh Tan Dilan Da Khideya Baagh Jithe
Maanmatiyan Chhavan Di Na Thod Koyi

Kise Aajdi Di Lammi Hek Sunke
Kise Aajdi Di Lammi Hek Sunke
Pehlan Paavnde Rohi De Jand Warga
Tainu Surja Ajj Main Takeya Ve
Tu Tan Nikleya Mere Hi Rang Warga

The song, owing to its profound meaning and the use of traditional folk language, is likely to be a beautiful addition to girl wedding ceremonies in Punjabi culture, traditionally performed by women. Its cultural significance, the thematic relevance to love and marriage, and the rich, folk-infused composition make it a standout piece of Punjabi music.


In conclusion, “Qayanat” is poised to be a cultural gem, capturing the essence of love and celebration deeply rooted in Punjabi traditions. Nimrat Khaira’s emotive singing and rich, traditional music promise to make it a cherished addition to the world of Punjabi folk songs, especially in the context of weddings. The release of the music video will likely elevate the song to a new level of appreciation, and it’s a must-listen for those who appreciate the beauty of Punjabi cultural expressions in music.


Sau Sau Gallan — Nimrat Khaira Gall Mukk Gayi — Nimrat Khaira Chunni Lot — Nimrat Khaira

Track Name Qayanat
Singer(s) Nimrat Khaira
Lyrics Writer(s) Harmanjeet Singh
Composer(s) Opi Music