Raat Di Gedi by Diljit Dosanjh songs

Raat Di Gedi (in Hindi as रात दी गेड़ी) is a latest song of Diljit Dosanjh featuring Neeru Bajwa. The Punjabi track has appealing lyrics, jotted down by Ranbir Singh. Get the English translation of all verses.

An exclusive Punjabi song “RAAT DI GEDI” has Bhangra music produced by Jatinder Shah and music video has direction of Arvinder Khaira. Read Diljit Dosanjh’s brand new tune lyric with meaning.


Ho raat di gerhi gal risk di
Taangh shidi aa tere ishq di,

Night out with you is quite risky
And yet I have strong desire of your love.

O jatt rauleyan ch ghumme balliye
Har chonk hathyar-band jhalliye,
Light mitran de bullet di lishkdi.

Jatt hangouts in riots
While all the road junctions are weaponed
And my Bullet’s (bike) headlight glows.

Ho raat di gerhi gal risk di
Taang chhidi aa tere ishq di.

To go out at night is full of risk
And I am craving for your love.

Tere piche nit awaan
Raat jaag ke langhawa
Ni tu neendra handawe
Te main risk handawa.

I follow you everyday,
Spend my nights without sleeping
And you sleep carefree
While I face conflicts / risks.

Ho yaar ghumme tareyan de chaan’ney
Kahton kare heraferi hann’ney
Jaave dekh ke banereyan ton khiskdi.

I walk around under the light of stars
Why you cheat on me ?
When you try to escape away from the parapets.

Ho raat di gedi gal risk di
Taangh shidi aa tere ishq di.

Oh pyaar tera mutiyare
Te lokkan takuwe shingaare
NI kissa vigde mahaul da
Ranbir hoju naare.

Beautiful girl, Because of your love
People have fastened their axes
It would turn-out like a result of an incident with worse situations.

O tainu milna daleri wala masla
Lokan hath aa najaij asla
Dekh haan’ne tateeri vi na siskdi.

It’s quite daring to see you yet
Since people are having illegal weapons
See, Even small insects also don’t dare to make a noise this time.

Ho raat di gerhi gal risk di
Taang chhidi aa tere ishq di.

Dear, A night out with is  risky
And yet I crave for your love.

Album Name: Raat Di Gedi (Punjabi)
Performers: Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa
Lyrics writer: Ranbir Singh
Video Director: Arvinder Khaira
Music Director: Jatinder Shah
Label: Speed Records
Release Date: 23 December, 2017