Raathaarakaye Lyrics Translation (in English) — Hi Nanna | Bhadra Rajin | Vineeth Sreenivasan

“Raathaarakaye Lyrics Translation” is a moving Malayalam ballad from the movie Hi Nanna, with heartfelt vocals by Bhadra Rajin and Vineeth Sreenivasan. Produced by Hesham Abdul Wahab, the song beautifully captures themes of longing and introspection with its emotive melody and lyrics by B.K. Harinarayanan. The accompanying music video enhances the narrative, offering visual storytelling that complements the song’s reflective theme.

Raathaarakaye Lyrics Translation Hi Nanna
Title Raathaarakaye
Movie/Album Hi Nanna
Vocalist(s) Bhadra Rajin, Vineeth Sreenivasan
Lyricist(s) B.k. Harinarayanan
Music Producer(s) Hesham Abdul Wahab
Star Cast Nani, Mrunal Thakur

Hi Nanna Movie’s Raathaarakaye Lyrics Translation (in English)

Hridayam Urukum Oru Meluthiriyaay,
Kanneeril Alinju Kanave,
Neerangal Maayunnu Munnil Oru Puzhayay,
Mounangal Vingunnithakame,

Melting like a candle, my heart weeps.
Dreams dissolve in tears.
Like a river flowing before me,
Silence resonates deeply.

Ee Nenjin Thaalam Neeye,
Konkoniḷ Naaḷam Neeye,
Theen Malar Anuraagam,
Kanaḷa Ala Pole, Ullaake Vallaathe Eriyee,

You are my heart’s rhythm,
You are the glimmer in my eyes.
Honey-blossomed love,
Like a fiery wave, It burns intensely within me.

Raathaarakaye Ee Vaanakame,
Swayam Aaghatham Aazhiyil Aazhukayo,
Vidhi Neerukayo Naam Maayukayo,
Porul Yethoru Koorirul Moodukayo,

Oh, star of the night, this sky
Plunges itself into the depths of despair.
Does fate sting, or do we fade away?
What significance lurks beneath this profound obscurity?

Thaniye Adarum Iru Vazhiye,
Praṇayam Akame, Madhura Murivay,
Izha Cheraathe Naam Ekaraay,

Alone, we wander on two separate paths.
Love resides within a sweet wound.
We remain alone, untied.

Aa Naalukalo Ee Venalu Pol,
Ida Veezhathu Nammalil Aadukayaanathu,
Maanjidumo Katha Theerukayo,
Manam Eeyoru Veethiyil Vaadukayo,

Those days, like this summer,
Dance within us without pause.
Will the story fade? Will it end?
In this alley, will the heart wither?

Veruthe Iniyum Ente Mizhi Nanayaan,
Kaanaathe Marayum Palare,
Kaathoram Peyittittum Ente Mozhi Maranno,
Kaanaekaanae Kannaal Akanno,

In vain, my eyes will weep again,
Many will fade away, unseen.
Even as my words reverberate in my ears, I forget them.
Even as we see each other, our eyes are parting ways.

Veevunne Ulleinu Enne,
Tooval Kai Thottil Aayee, Ee Vazhi Piriyumpol,
Thirayoziyumpol, Nenchoram Vingunnithento,

The pain intensifies within me.
It is as delicate as a feather that a hand touches.
As we parted ways, as the waves recede, why does my heart ache?

Aa Chaaruthakal Ee Paazhmanalil,
Mukha Padam Murinini Veenuṭaye,
Priya Maanasame Vidayotukayaay,
Katha Paathiyil Aayini Theerukayaay,

Those charms on this barren sand
A facial impression shatters and falls.
Oh beloved soul, you bid farewell.
The story ends halfway.

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