Rabb Jane Lyrics – Garry Sandhu

Rabb Jane Lyrics by Garry Sandhu – This is one more Punjabi love anthem in amazingly soothing voice of Garry Sandhu. The beautiful piece of stanza is scripted by Shah Ali & Johny Vickk is music composer. The name of “RAB JAANE MAIN NA JANA” song’s video director is Prince810.

rabb jane song garry sandhuTitle of Track: Rabb Jane
Vocalist: Garry Sandhu
Composer: Johny Vickk
Songwriter: Shah Ali
Video Director: Prince 810
Music Company: Fresh Media Records


Tu na jaane tere layi tadpe
Duavan mangiya uth uth tadke -x2,

You don’t know, I craved for you
And asked for you in early morning prayers.

Ve changiyan hoiyan na tetho
Ve changiyan hoiyan na tetho
Main rakhna nai tere nal naata,

You couldn’t do it better
I don’t want to be in any relationship with you.

Rab jaane main na jana
Fer kadon hon giyan mulaqatan -x3.

Only God knows, I don’t
When would we meet next.

Kyun tod gaya ve tu
Meriyan aasan
Dukh deke saanu tu
Naale le gaya haasa
Naale le gaya haasa.

Why did you break all my hopes ?
Why made me suffer and took all the smiles away ?

Tu odon bada jataunda si
Tu odon bada jataunda si
Jadon si ishq diyan shuruwatan.

Then you used to evince too much
When it was just beginning of our love.

Rabb jane main na jana
Pher kado hon giyan mulakatan -x3.

Shah Ali samajh je lainda mainu
Hath kade na shad da ve
Je painda farak tainu
Je painda farak tainu.

Shah Ali if you could understand me
And you would never abandon me
If it ever mattered to you.

Ve tu taan uppron uppron si
Ve tu taan uppron uppron si
Jude saan asi naal jazbatan.

You just pretended to love me
It was a sentimental attachment only.

Rab jaane main na jaana
Fer kadon hon giya mulaqatan -x3.

Tainu paake laggeya
Manzil haasil hoi
Par tainu bekadra
Sadi na kadar koi
Sadi na kadar koi.

Being with you felt like I had reached my destiny
But you are such a ignorer, Didn’t appreciate it at all.

Ve hun royi ja kalla
Ve hun royi ja kalla
Mile taan shayad karange baatan,

Now cry alone
We may have a conversation, If we see each other someday.

Rabb jaane main na jaana
Fer kado hon giyan mulakatan -x3.

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