Rohab Rakhdi Lyrics Translation: Nimrat Khaira

Rohab Rakhungi is pronounced as “rōhaba rakhadī” and its meaning is “Keep a authority.” In this song Nimrat Khaira is telling her future husband in a melodic way that she will be a little authoritative when she marries him and goes to his house.

Song Name: Rohb Rakhdi aka Rohab Rakhdi

Artist: Nimrat Khaira

Lyricist: Bittu Cheema

Music Director: Preet Hundal

Released: 7 January, 2017

Rohb / Rohab Rakhdi Lyrics line to line English translation of Punjabi song which is performed by Nimrat Khaira.


Supne de wich vi na sochi honi ve
Jini tereyan lekhan ch likhi naar sohni ve,

You won’t have even dreamt of..
How beautiful girl is written in your fate.

Haye shukar mana le rabb da
Naate tere na kamleya jode.

O dear, be grateful to God
That I have made a relationship with you.

Thoda bauta rohb te zarur rakhungi
Ve saak 15 jatti ne mode (x2),
Saak 15 jatti ne mode.

I will hold a little authority
(Jatti Does have a some self respect)
Jatti has rejected fifteen marriage proposals.

Bhabiyan de kanni gal pa shaddi ve
Main ta marzi na utheya karoon,
Dhi maapeyan di main bauti ladli
Ve gal-gal utte russeya karoon (x2).

Tell my sister in laws
That I will wake up according to my own schedule
I am pampered daughter of my parents
I will get mad over little things.

Mahine pishon mang rakhungi
Do naweyan suit-an de jode.

After every month,
I shall demand for two new pairs of Punjabi suits.

Thoda bohta rohb te zarur rakhungi
Ve saak pandra jatti ne mode (x2),
Saak pandra jatti mode.

Bebe ji nu mere bare tu
Jatta ena ku jarur das dayi
Ke degree-yan wali bahu da
Zara khaas tu khayal rakh layin (x2).

Tell your mother about me,
Me this much at least that take special care
of your “graduate” daughter in law.

O phone utte busy vekh ke
Taane maar ke na khoon nachode,

When she will see me one the phone
Tell her not to scold me everytime .

Thodda bauta rohab te zarur rakhungi
Vey saak 15 jatti ne modey (x2),
#Saak 15 jatti ne modey.

Saheliyan te sardariyan
Nikki hundi ton ayi ve main kardi,

Batuwe na tang rakhiye
Kehnde mang je viah’iye vadde ghar di (x2).

Being a leader among my friends
Was something I have been doing since I was little
One shouldn’t be a miser
If looking to marry a girl of a rich family

O kahda maan Bittu Cheemeya
Kille mereyan veeran ton tere thode

Bittu Cheema, What are you so proud of ?
You have got less acres of lands than my brothers.

Thoda bauta rohb te zarur rakhungi,
Ve saak 15 jatti ne mode (x2),
Saak 15 jatti ne mode.

I will hold a little authority
Have already rejected fifteen marriage proposals.