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“Saari Duniya Jala Denge” from the movie Animal is a stirring anthem about all-consuming love, brought to life powerfully by B Praak’s textured vocals and Jaani’s emotional lyrics. This aggressive rock ballad explores the extremes one can go to for their beloved through vivid imagery and a pulsating composition. Below, we have translated the Animal film’s B Praak’s ‘Saari Duniya Jala Denge,’ AKA ‘Badlan De Meeh Paya Hai’ much-anticipated Hindi sad song lyrics in English so that you can easily understand the meaning of each line.

Saari Duniya Jalaa Denge Lyrics (Meaning) Animal B Praak

B. Praak renders Jaani’s passionate lyrics for ‘Badla Ne Mi Paya Hai’ with incredible depth; his voice is gruff yet emotional. When he sings “Agar Tujhe Ho Gaya Kuch Sari Duniya Jala Denge,” the sheer intensity of his delivery gives one chill. Jaani’s music builds like a crescendo in line with the fiery words, with the electric guitars heightening the dramatics.

At the crux of this anthem are Jaani’s impactful lyrics, which capture the philosophy of going to any lengths for one’s love, no matter how dangerous. Hard-hitting lines like “Pada Maut Se Pala Mera” encapsulate this sentiment rawly and profoundly. The verse “saari duniya jala denge” underlines the conviction to destroy everything for the protagonist’s beloved.


Ho Baddlan Ne Meehn Paya Ae
It has rained from the clouds.
Ho Baddlan Ne Meehn Paya Ae
The clouds have showered the rain.

Ho Jihda Intezar Si Ajj Rabba Ohi Din Aaya Hai
Oh my God, the day I’ve been anticipating has finally here.
Ho Jihda Intezar Si Ajj Rabba Ohi Din Aaya Hai
Oh my God, it is the day I’ve been waiting for.

Pada Maut Se Pala Mera, Ho Pada Maut Se Pala Mera
It’s as if I’m playing a game of life and death.
Yara Aaj Main Rahunga Ya Samne Wala Mera
Only one of us, myself or my opponent, would be alive today.
Yara Aaj Main Rahunga Ya Samne Wala Mera
Today, just one of us—my opponent or myself—would survive.

Ye Jalte Suraj Se Tez Hawa Haye Ye Zamane Se
From the terrible world, the sweltering heat, and the raging winds…
Tere Liye Aayenge Bachayenge Tujhe Doob Jane Se
I would come to save you from the brink of drowning.

O Rehna Tere Sath Hai Maine,
I want to stay with you forever.
O Chhune Tere Hath Hai Maine
I want to take your hand in mine.
O Pooja Teri Karni Hai Har Din Raat Hai Maine
I want to worship you all day and all night.

Ho Yun Hi Rone Nahi Dunga, Ho Yun Hi Rone Nahi Dunga
I wouldn’t just let you cry out.
Main Jab Tak Jinda Tujhe Kuch Hone Nahi Dunga
I promise that no harm will befall you while I am alive.

O Sab Kuch Hi Mita Denge O Sare Hos Gawa Denge
I would wipe out everything else on the planet. My conscience would be wholly destroyed.
Agar Tujhe Ho Gaya Kuch Sari Duniya Jala Denge
If anything were to happen to you, I would burn the whole world.
Agar Tujhe Ho Gaya Kuch Sari Duniya Jala Denge
I am prepared to destroy the whole universe if anything were to happen to you.


In the music video, Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna’s simmering chemistry promises to visually transmit the lyrics’ fiery spirit. From Praak’s intense vocals to Jaani’s philosophy-driven lyrics, “Saari Duniya Jala Denge” delivers a blistering ode to the relentless passion of love.


The English translation to ‘Sari Duniya Jala Denge’ helps elucidate Jaani’s poetic diction nuances for non-Hindi listeners. It reveals the depth behind striking metaphors like “playing a game of life or death,” which depicts love’s absoluteness. The translation makes the essence of this heartfelt musical dedication accessible across linguistic barriers.

Title Saari Duniya Jalaa Denge
Movie Animal
Singer(s) B Praak
Lyrics Writer(s) Jaani
Music Composer(s) JAANI
Actor(s) Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna

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