Saaya Sanchare Lyrics Meaning: Ponniyin Selvan (PS 1) | BGM

The conversation between Princess Kundavai and Nandini in the film ‘Ponniyin Selvan: I’ is a captivating exchange that adds depth and intrigue to the storyline. As they meet and converse, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Nandini, also known as Oomai Rani, and Trisha’s Princess Kundavai engage in a dialogue filled with subtle metaphors and symbolism.

Saaya sanchare lyrics english meaning
Kundavai finally meets Nandhini.

Their words carry layers of meaning, reflecting their perspectives on beauty, captivity, and power. First, Nandini acknowledges Kundavai’s arrival, acknowledging how it has transformed the fort into a place of beauty. Kundavai, in turn, remarks on the reputed beauty of the palace, to which Nandini cryptically responds that beauty is indeed captive within those walls.

The conversation then delves into the concept of faded gold, with Kundavai asserting that pale gold holds an exceptional value. Nandini counters that gold shackles are still shackles regardless of their condition. This exchange highlights the underlying tension between the characters and their differing views on power and freedom. Finally, the conversation ends with a subtle acknowledgment of each other’s strengths, as Kundavai extends her hand in greeting and Nandini welcomes her. These dialogues not only serve to advance the plot but also provide glimpses into the complexities of the character’s motivations and relationships.


Saya Sanjare Nayanam Minnum Saya Sanjare
She is like dark lightning gleaming like a silver fish
Saga Sabalaiye Saya Sanjare
Clashing with the roar of thunder

Iru Minnalgal Saya Sanjare
Can lightning and thunder co-exist?
Iru Araiyin Maruroopamaye
O eternity, can these two forces co-exist?

The song ‘Saaya Sanchare,’ played in the background during this face-off scene, further adds to the atmosphere and emotions of the moment. Written by Ilango Krishnan in the Manipravalam style, which incorporates elements of Sanskrit and Tamil from the 18th and 19th centuries, the lyrics are poetic and profound. Although only a few words of the song are heard, they carry a striking metaphorical significance. The lines “She is like dark lightning gleaming like a silverfish. Clashing with the roar of thunder. Can lightning and thunder co-exist? O eternity, can these two forces co-exist?” evoke a sense of contrasting and conflicting forces, reflecting the complex dynamics between the characters in the scene.

Saaya Sanchare BGM

The song Saaya Sanchare’s mysterious presence in the background heightens the tension and adds depth to the encounter. The skillful incorporation of various styles and the meticulous attention to detail in creating the film’s soundtrack, including this particular song, is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the talented artists involved, from the renowned composer A.R. Rahman to the visionary director Mani Ratnam.

Kundavai Meets Nandhini Face To Face BGM

The conversation between Princess Kundavai and Nandini is as follows:

Nandini: Your arrival has turned this Fort into a place of beauty.
Kundavai: I hear this palace has all the worldโ€™s beauty within its wall.
Nandini: Youโ€™re right. Beauty is indeed captive here.
Kundavai: Captive? Does the golden beauty not adorn the throne?
Nandini: Yes, but the gold has faded.
Kundavai: Faded gold is the most precious.
Nandini: Gold shackles are still shackles. Are they not?
Kundavai: But the key is in our hands.
Nandini: One cannot outwit the princess.
Kundavai: joins hands to greet
Nandini: says Welcome.

Overall, the dialogues and the background song ‘Saaya Sanchare’ contribute to the rich narrative tapestry of ‘Ponniyin Selvan: I.’ They offer glimpses into the characters’ thoughts, emotions, and conflicts while showcasing the expertise and dedication of the creative team involved in bringing this historical epic to life.

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