Sab Sahi Ho Jayega Lyrics Translation – Shah Rukh Khan

Get Sab Sahi Ho Jayega Song Lyrics of Shah Rukh Khan with their translation in the English language. Badshah is writer, composer of Sab Sahi Ho Jayega lyrics.

Sab Sahi Ho Jayega Lyrics English translation Shah Rukh Khan

Song Name: Sab Sahi Ho Jayega
Singer(s): Shah Rukh Khan
Lyrics Writer(s): Sainee Raj, Badshah
Music Director(s): Badshah


Shows Dekh Dekh Kar Thak Chuka Hoon,
I’m sick of watching shows and films.
Bella Ciao Bella Ciao Gaake Akk Chuka Hoon,
I’m even bored of singing ‘Bella ciao’-an Italian folk song of protest.
Ankhein Khuli Par Dimag So Jayega,
The eyes are open, but the brain is going to fall asleep.
Sun Na Yar Sab Sahi Ho Jayega,
Listen, mate, it’s going to be all right.

Random Khayalon Ka Pulav Hai Pakaya,
I’ve been thinking a lot about everything lately.
Ye Karan Ka Har Hero London Se Kyon Aya,
I was wondering why every hero in Karan Johar’s film comes from London?
Sochte Sochte Teen Baj Jayega,
It’s going to be past 3 o clock thinking about it all.
Chhod Na Yar Sab Sahi Ho Jayega,
Leave it, buddy, it’s all gonna be alright.

Bakiyon Ke Muscles Badhe Ja Rahe Hai,
Mujhse 2 Push-Ups Bhi Nahi Ho Pa Rahe Hai,
Others worked well on growing muscles, but I’m not even able to do a few push-ups.
Comparison Karke Dil Chhota Ho Jayega,
It’s heartbreaking to equate myself to others.
Abe Rehan De Na Yar Sab Sahi Ho Jayega,
So leave it, mate, it’s all going to be all right soon.

Baki Ka Waqt Pankha Dekh Kar Bitaya,
I spend the rest of my time staring at the ceiling fan.
Murgi Ya Anda Pehle Tha Kya Aya,
I also wondered who was the first to come to the world, the egg or the chicken?

Dekho Dekho Time Kitna Bura Chal Raha Hai,
See how difficult the time is.
Ab Ye SRK Singer Bhi Ban Raha Hai,
Shah Rukh Khan has now become a singer.
Pehle Acting Se Banaya Ab Singing Se Banayega,
Then, he tricked everyone with his acting, now he’s trying to do the same thing with singing.
Bhai Lockdown Ye Bhi Din Dikhayega,
Brother, Lockdown is going to get you to face circumstances like this also.

But You Know What!

Time Ka Hai Change Hona, Change Hoga,
Time keeps moving, so it’s going to keep doing the same thing.
Ye Sara System Dekho Rearrange Hoga,
And, soon the entire system is going to be rearranged.

6 Packs Will Be Back On The Market,
Eventually, people are going to be able to develop six-pack abs.
Stadium Bharke Phirse Dekhege Hum Cricket,
And we’re going to watch cricket matches with a full audience.

Phir Se Diwali Par Diye Jalayege,
Again, we’re going to light the lamps on Deepavali.
Eid Par Eidi Lene Ghar Ghar Jayege,
And we will go door to door to get blessings on Eid.

Phir Se Pehnege Jeans Ajeeb Feel Karenge,
Once again, we’ll be able to wear jeans and feel uncomfortable with them.
Phir Se Ghar Par Baithna Miss Karenge,
And when everything goes back to normal, we’re going to miss being at home.

Par Kuch Din Aur Filhal Karlo Thoda Intezar,
Just for a couple of days to come, be patient and wait a little more.
Thoda Aur Khayali Pulav Karo Taiyar,
You can use this period to dream and think about what you’re going to do after the lockout is over.
Hum Sath Ho Toh Har Masla Chhota Ho Jayega,
If we’re all together, every issue is somewhat smaller.
Meri Bat Man Sab Sahi Ho Jayega,
Listen to me, everything’s going to be all right soon.