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Read the Sairat Zaala Ji Song Lyrics that are performed by Chinmayi Sripada, Ajay Gogavale for Sairat Marathi movie, with their English translation. Rinku Rajguru, Akash Thosar are the stars who acted in the SAIRAT ZAALA JI music video. Learn the meaning of SAIRAT ZAALA JI‘s Marathi lyrics in the English language. The author Nagraj Manjule, Ajay−Atul wrote-down the song-lines ‘SAIRAT JHALA JI‘ and Nagraj Manjule is the video-director who supervised the music video.


Song Name: Sairat Zaala Ji
Movie: Sairat
Singer(s): Ajay Gogavale, Chinmayi Sripada
Songwriter(s): Ajay−Atul, Nagraj Manjule
Music Director(s): Ajay−Atul
Director: Nagraj Manjule
Actor(s): Akash Thosar, Rinku Rajguru



Alguj Vajan Nabhat Bhaltanch Jhalanya Aj
Alagad Ali Manat Pahilich Tarani Hee Laj
Ho Agan Jhananlan Kaljamandi An Hatamandi Hat Alan Ji

The sky echoes soothing tones. Something beautiful has happened today.
It’s tiptoed into this heart. the first flush of love has had a sudden start.
What was hidden on the inside has burst out in the open and I have your hand in mine.

Sairat Zala Ji
Sairat Zala Ji
Sairat Zala Ji

And the heart’s gone into a wild frenzy.
And the heart’s gone into a wild frenzy.
And the heart’s gone into a wild frenzy.

Han Badloon Gaelenya Saran
Piratichan Sutalanya Waran
Allad Bhambavalyalan Billori Pakhru Nyaran

It’s all changed.
These are the winds of love.
A bewildered, bemused, young love.

Alan Manatlan Hya Vatamandi
An Hatamandi Hat Alan Ji
Sairat Zala Ji Sairat Zala Ji Sairat Zala Ji

The heart speaks through the lips
and I have your hand in mine.
The heart’s gone into a wild frenzy.

Han Kavalyapanat Hya Sawalya Unhat Hya
Bavalya Manat Hya Bharlan Bharlan
Tujhan Ganan Manamandi
Ghumatyan Kanamandi Sur Sanichan Raya Sajalan

That innocent smile, the beautiful first rays of the sun
and the adolescent heart are filled with love.
Your song echoes through mind and heart.
And my whole being is adorned with your beautiful tunes.

He Sajalan Oonvaran Nabhtaran Sajalan
Rangalan Man Haydinan Rani Rangalan
Saralan He Jagnyachan Jhurann Saralan
Bhinlan Najaranan Ish Jahari Bhinlan

The sun, the wind, the moon and stars are adorned too.
And my life is now full of color, o my love.
Sufferings of life are now a past.
Just one look is sweet poison of love.

Agan Dhadadlan Hya Nabhamandi
An Dholasangan Gat Alan Ji
Sairat Zala Ji Sairat Zala Ji Sairat Zala Ji

It thundered up in the skies
and poured down with a sweet beat.
The heart’s gone into a wild frenzy.

Han Akreet Ghadlanya Sapan He Pedalanya
Galamandi Sajalanya Dorlan Dorlan
Satajalmachan Nat Rujalanya Kaljat
Tula Ran Devagatan Pujalan

The unthinkable has happened. It all seems like a dream.
And feels like I am knotted with you for life.
The togetherness of seven lives has been confirmed by the heart.
Have worshipped you like my God.

He Rujalan Beej Piratichan Sajani Rujalan
Bhijlan Man Piramanan Puratan Bhijlan
Saralan Man Marun Jaganan Saralan
Harlan Hya Piramala Samadan Harlan
Agan Kadadalan Pavsamandi, An Abhalala Yad Alan Ji

The seed of love has been sowed deep within
and the heart is drenched in love.
The stifling of dreams is in the distant past.
The world has lost in the face of love.
A flash of lightning’s struck, and the great big skies have burst open with joy.

Sairat Zaala Ji Music Video | Ft. Akash Thosar | Rinku Rajguru

Let’s watch the Sairat Zaala Ji Marathi music video from the Sairat film.

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