Sajanwa Lyrics Translation: Aanchal Tyagi

“Sajanwa” is a refreshingly quirky ode to modern romance that highlights Aanchal Tyagi’s spirited vocals and Shayra Apoorva’s inventive lyrics. This upbeat track captures the unpredictable ups and downs of young love with humor and vivacity.

Sajanwa Lyrics Translation Aanchal Tyagi

Aanchal Tyagi infuses the eccentric lyrics with a burst of spunk through her energetic vocals. She shifts smoothly between coyness in the verse and anger in the chorus, bringing the contradictory emotions of new love to life. The lively composition by Abhijeet Srivastava proves the perfect musical foil for the lyrics with its pulsing grooves.

At the heart of “Sajanwa” are Shayra’s creative lyrics that compare the lover to an unruly child. Amusing phrases like “he invites me to sit with him all night” encapsulate the thrill and confusion of fledgling romance. Using “spouse” for beloved gives a touch of lighthearted absurdity. Apoorva’s words capture the volatility of new relationships with wit and refreshing irreverence.


Saajanwa Mori Baat Na Maane
My sweetheart does not listen to what I say.
Saajanwa Mori Maane Na
My beloved constantly disregards what I say.

Saajanwa Kare Sau Sau Bahaane
My beloved makes me hundreds of excuses.
Saajanwa Mori Maane Na
My beloved consistently disregards what I say.

Bole Mose Paas Baitho Saari Saari Ratiyan
He invites me to sit with him all night.
Koi Kaaj Main Kaise Karoon
So, how am I expected to complete my chores?

More Mori Baanh Dekhe Saari Saari Sakhiyan
My friends are aware of the markings on my arm.
Main Toh Laaj Ke Maare Maroon
I feel uneasy in front of them.

Aaye Tohe Kyun Laaj Nahi, Kaahe Piya Ji?
Oh beloved, why don’t you feel shy?
Aaye Tohe Kyun Laaj Nahi, More Piya Ji
Oh my beloved, why don’t you feel shy?
Main Toh Tumse Hoon Haar Gayi
I’ve already given up on you.

Jaanu Main Toh Tori Saari Batiyan Re
I’m familiar with all of your ploys.
Aankhein Na Churaao Aise O Piya Re
Oh darling, don’t attempt to avoid establishing eye contact with me.

Jaanu Main Toh Chaahe Kya Tora Jiyara Re
I am entirely aware of what your heart craves.
Baatein Na Banaao Aise Piya Re
Don’t you attempt to use words to divert my attention!

Jaane Bhi Do, Maan Jaao Thodi Mori Batiyan
Please let it go now, and sometimes listen to me.
Tore Paaon Main Aaj Padoon
I implore you to do so.

Chhodo Mori Baanh, Dekhe Saari Saari Sakhiyan
Please do not touch my arm; all of my pals are watching.
Main Toh Laaj Ke Maare Maroon
I feel shy, and it bothers me.

Aaye Tohe Kyun Laaj Nahi, Kaahe Piya Ji
Why don’t you feel shy, dear?
Aaye Tohe Kyun Laaj Nahi, More Piya Ji
Oh my lover, why don’t you feel shy?
Main Toh Tumse Hoon Haar Gayi
I’ve given up on you.


Directors Hardik Vaghela and Vaishnavi RP realize the essence of the lyrics through the mischievous chemistry between Tyagi and her on-screen partner. Their playful dynamic mirrors the lyrics’ eccentric vibe.


Overall, with its oddball romanticism set to energetic music, “Sajanwa” makes for a fun and relatable listen. For fans of upbeat tracks celebrating the messiness of millennial love, this song hits all the right notes through Shayra’s inventive poetry and Aanchal’s spirited vocals.

Track Name Sajanwa
Singer(s) Aanchal Tyagi
Lyrics Writer(s) Shayra Apoorva
Composer(s) r : Abhijeet Srivastava

The English translation provided for “Sajanwa” lets even non-Hindi listeners enjoy the song’s quirky lyrical flavor. The translation clarifies the meaning behind everyday phrases for those less familiar with the language. It reveals Shayra’s skill in capturing relationship contradictions through lines like “Don’t touch my arm; my friends are watching.” The translation thus unlocks the offbeat humor and honesty that make “Sajanwa” so appealing. For any listener, it makes the song more accessible, transcending linguistic barriers.