Samayama Lyrics Translation — Hi Nanna | Anurag Kulkarni | Sithara Krishnakumar

Forget Bollywood beats and sugary pop anthems, “Samayama” from the Telugu film “Hi Nanna” is a soulful serenade that unfolds like a blossoming love story set to traditional Indian melodies. The song, which features the mesmerizing voices of Anurag Kulkarni and Sithara Krishnakumar and lyrics written by the talented Anantha Sriram, depicts a man who is enamored with a woman’s ethereal beauty in vivid detail.

Samayama Translation Hi Nanna

Imagine lush visuals from the film’s music video, with Nani and Mrunal Thakur playing the star-crossed lovers. Anurag Kulkarni’s voice soars, “Oh, time! You’ve gifted my eyes with her beauty. Isn’t it enough?” His plea echoes the desperation of a man falling head over heels, his every thought consumed by this vision. Sithara Krishnakumar’s playful response, “Where would this story go? Where do you think she is going?” brings a touch of coquettish charm to the exchange, adding a layer of playful banter to their budding romance.

The lyrics, translated from Telugu, are a tapestry of metaphors and similes, each verse celebrating the woman’s captivating presence. “Your eyes have drunk all the blue from the sky,” sings Kulkarni, his words evoking a depth of feeling that transcends language. Composer Hesham Abdul Wahab masterfully complements the lyrics with a melody that blends traditional Indian instruments with contemporary arrangements, creating a soundscape that soothes and uplifts.


Samayama Bhale Saayam Cheshaavamma Ottuga Ottuga
Oh time! I swear you’ve helped me amazingly.
Kanulake Thana Roopannandhinchave Guttuga
You’ve gifted my eyes with her beauty.
Ho Idhi Saripodha?
Isn’t it enough?

Sare Sare Thondarapadako, Thadhupari Katha Yetuko
Fine, fine don’t be hasty. Where would this story go?
Yetumari Thana Nadako? Chivariki Yevarenako
Where do you think she is going? Finally, where would this end up?

Samayama Bhale Saayam Cheshaavamma Ottuga Ottuga
Oh, time! You’ve been a tremendous assistance to me.
Kanulake Thana Roopannandhinchave Guttuga,
You’ve bestowed her beauty on my eyes.

Ho Thanu Evare? Nadiche Thara Thalukula Dhara
What is her name? Is she a walking star? Is she a scintillating flow?
Thanu Chusthunte Radhe Niddhura
I can’t sleep looking at her.

Palike Yerra Kunuke Aura
Did she speak? Her jauntiness is like wow!
Alalai Ponge Andham Aadhi Thana Pera
Is that floating beauty above her, what is her name?

Aakashanne Thagesindhe Thana Kannullo Neelam
Your eyes have drunk all the blue from the sky.
Choopullone Yedho Indhrajaalam
There is some magic in your glare.
Bangaaru Vaanallo Ninda Munche Kaalam, Chusthamanukoledhe Naalaantollam
The times of golden rains people like us never expected

Bhoogolanne Thippese Aa Bunga Mothi Vainam
That naughty lip-line which can spin the earth
Choopisthundhe Thanalo Inko Konam
Is showing a new dimension in you

Changavi Chempallo Chengumantu Mounam
That jumping silence in your orange cheeks are staring
Chusthu Chusthu Thisthu Undhe Praanam
At me and plucking my life out

Thanu Cherina Prathi Chotila Chala Chitrangunnadhe
Many paintings have been painted in every place she has visited.
Thanatho Ila Prathi Gnapakam Chaya Chitram Ayinadhe
Every interaction with her is a shadow painting.

Sare Sare Thondarapadako Thadupari Katha Etuko
Don’t just sit there and wait. Go farther, explain your tale.
Etu Mari Thana Nadako Chivariki Evarenako
And tell her about her own narrative, who eventually owns it?

Samayama Bhale Saayam Cheshaavamma Ottuga Ottuga
Oh time! I swear you’ve helped me amazingly.
Kanulake Thana Roopannandhinchave Guttuga
You’ve gifted my eyes with her beauty.

Ho Idhi Saripodha?
Isn’t it enough?
Oh time!

Director Shouryuv seamlessly weaves this song into the film’s narrative, showcasing the blossoming love between the lead characters. Each verse feels like a stolen glance, a whispered confession, drawing the audience into their whirlwind romance. Whether you’re a Telugu film buff or simply a lover of soulful melodies, “Samayama” is a must-listen. So, close your eyes, let the music wash over you, and lose yourself in the intoxicating power of love set to music. Remember, even without understanding every word, the raw emotion and infectious melody of “Samayama” will leave you humming and falling under its spell long after the last note fades.


For non-Telugu speakers, the English translation unlocks the hidden depths of the lyrics, allowing you to fully appreciate the wit, the passion, and the tenderness woven into every verse. “Samayama” is a testament to the universal language of love, proving that music can speak volumes even when words fall short.

Title Samayama
Movie Hi Nanna
Singer(s) Anurag Kulkarni, Sithara Krishnakumar
Lyrics Writer(s) Anantha Sriram
Music Composer(s) Hesham Abdul Wahab
Actor(s) Mrunal Thakur, Nani

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