Same Beef Meaning in Hindi and Punjabi

Quick Background: Last year, Punjabi singer, songwriter Sidhu Moosewala claimed that many of his raw tracks (unfinished music projects) were illegally leaked on INTERNET by some his closest friends. Deep Jandu and team were the only friends Sidhu had in music industry, those days. Sidhu did his debut song “G-Wagon” with Deep Jandu. Sidhu also wrote the Punjabi lyrics for ‘G Wagon’ and performed it while Deep Jandu produced music for it. Sidhu also penned Punjabi song “Aa Gaya in Ohi Billo Time” for Deep Jandu.

Many started blaming Deep Jandu for leaking his songs while no official news was shared or a clear note was made by Sidhu Moose Wala that Deep Jandu is the entity behind leaking his songs.

Later on, Deep Jandu also worked with Bohemia – The Punjabi rapper in songs like ‘Good Life,‘ ‘Unity‘ and these songs proved enoromous hits in Punjabi music industry. Same time, there was the controversy going on that team Deep Jandu including artist Karan Aujla has conflicts with Sidhu Moose Wala and they have been replying to each other through the lyrics of their songs.

Now all of sudden, Same Beef song poster is released by the opposition Sidhu Moose Wala collaborating with Bohemia. Since, the rumors are Sidhu Moose Wala has complaints about Deep Jandu and team for leaking his tracks. The upcoming song title “SAME BEEF” indicates that Bohemia also might have similar complaints about the same people as Sidhu Moose Wala.


Same Beef meaning in Hindi: Same beef ka matlab hai “Wahi Shikayat.” Aur iss case mein rumors ke adhaar par kaha ja sakta hai ki Sidhu Moose Wala aur Bohemia dono ko ek hi logon (people) se ek hi tarah ki shikayat hai. Ho sakta hai ki jaise Sidhu Moose Wala ne Deep Jandu par blames lagaye ki Deep Jandu ne hi unke gaane leak kiye hain, Bohemia ko bhi aisi koyi same shikayat ho. Jab ki gaane ki asal story uske release hone ke baad hi pata chalegi.

Punjabi meaning of Same Beef: Punjabi wich Same Beef da matlab keha ja sakda hai ki “Ohi Shikayat.” Afwahan de adhaar te keha ja sakda hai ki jiwein Sidhu Moose Wala nu Deep Jandu ton shikayat si ke Deep Jandu ne Sidhu de gaane internet te leak keetay san. Ho sakda hai ki Bohemia nu vi ohna kolon same shikayat howe. Halaa ke gaana da asal matlab tan esde release hon ton baad hi pata laggega.

However, These are just the rumorms and people are quick to believe the bad things they hear about good people. Deep Jandu, Sidhu Moosewala and Bohemia, all of them are very professional, talented and dedicated artists. They have always proved it with their music. Their hard-work has brought them at place where they stand today and they are idols to many. It would be an insult to their hardwork; judging them on the base of rumors going around. Team LyricsRaag wishes them luck for their coming projects.

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