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Sayonee Lyrics (Sayo ni) is a emblematic Sufi rock song featured in Coke Studio 10. The mellowing depth of Ali Noor’s voice place side by side with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s classically-nurtured voice.

Junoon Feat Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Ali Noor, SayoneeAnd with the song “SAYONEE” Salman Ahmad has made his debut as music director while the soulful lyrics are drafted by duo of Shah Hussain & Sabir Zafar, read it meaning & Englisg translation of its verses.

Artists: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Noor, Junoon
Music Director: Salman Ahmad
Guest Musicians: Amir Azhar (Acoustic Guitar), Said Ali (Flute), Shehroze Hussain (Sitar)
Producer & Director: Strings
Lyrics Writers: Sabir Zafar & Shah Hussain


Har dum naam sambhal sai da
Ta toon asthar theewen -x2,

Cling to your lord’s name at every moment and with each breath
You may thus become steadfast and firm.

Kahwe husain faqeer sai da
Main nahi bas tu
Husain, God’s lowly servant, says
There is no me, only you.

Saiyon ni, saiyon ni
Chain ik pal nahi -x3,
Aur koi hal nahi.

Sayyo ni, sayyo ni.

O my dear friends
Not a moment of peace
And no way out.

Kaun mode muhaar, muhaar
Kaun mode muhaar -x2,
Koi sanwal nahi,
Chain ik pal nahi -x3,
Aur koyi hall nahi,
Saiyo ni saiyo ni.

Who will turn the camel round?
Turn the camel round?
Who will turn the camel round?
Punnu, my lover, is long gone.
Not a moment of peace

Kya bashar ki bisaat, bisaat
Kya bashar ki bisaat -x2,
Aaj hai kal nahi,

What is the worth of a mortal being?
Here today, and gone tomorrow.

Chain ik pal nahin -x3,
Aur koyi hal nahin,
Sayyo ni sayyo ni.

Zaahir har ik manzar mein
Tu har pas manzar mein tu
Masjid mein tu
Mandir mein tu
Jiwan sagar mein tu
Saaeen tu hi
Mera sacha sai tu hai, sai tu hai
Mera sacha sai tu hai
Main tera banda,
Tu hi mera maula saaeen
Tu hi mera maula saaeen,

Sayonee sayonee -x2.

Allah, Allah -x2.

You are manifest in all seen and unseen things
In the mosque, in the temple
In the ocean of existence
O lord, only you
You are my true lord, o lord, only you
I am your servant, and you are my beloved master
You are my beloved master
O my dear friends.

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