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Seher song from the Hindi movie ‘OM – Rashtra Kavach’ featuring Aditya Roy Kapur has pulchritudinous lyrics and a staggering English translation with voice lent by Arijit Singh. The remarkable lyrics of the ‘Yahi Toh Hai Meri Seher’ melody were inked down by A. M. Turaz. Arko was the songsmith of SEHER’s symmetrical music. The tip-top music video of the ode was superintended by Kapil Verma.


Track Title: Seher
Movie: OM - Rashtra Kavach
Songster: Arijit Singh
Lyrics: A. M. Turaz
Instrumentalist: Arko
Director: Kapil Verma
Actor(s): Aditya Roy Kapur
Language: Hindi to English


Is Pal Mein Hi Zindagi Hai Ab Mukammal Hua Safar
Life is in this moment; the journey is over.
Door Tak Nigaahon Ko Kuchh Bhi Aata Nahi Nazar
My eyes can’t see very far.

Rahe Na Rahe Meri Aankhein Khwaab Tere Rahenge Magar
Whether my eyes live or die, your dreams will endure.
Uncha Rahega Humesha Fakr Mein Yeh Tera Sar
You will always be proud of yourself.
Aur Yahi Toh Hai Meri Seher
And that’s my time, just before daybreak.

Tere Liye Main Mar Jaaun Toh Ho Jaaun Main Adaah
I will become unburnable if I die for you.
Sholon Mein Bhi Utar Jaaun Toh Ehsaas Na Ho Zara
I won’t feel anything if I walk into the fire.

Toot Ke Main Bikhar Jaaun Ho Jaaun Tujhmein Fanaa
If I shatter into pieces and perish into you,
Haadson Se Guzar Jaaun Toh Fir Jaunga Main Sanwar
If I survive the accidents, I will be stronger.
Yahi Toh Hai Meri Seher
And that’s my time, just before daybreak.

Tu Jo Hai Toh Roshni Hai Tujhse Hi Toh Roshan Hai Ghar
You are the light that illuminates my home.
Toone Hi Meri Liye Toh Jannat Ke Khole Hain Dar
You are the one who unlocked heaven’s entrance for me.

Hone Ki Mere Tujhi Se Duniya Mein Pahunchi Khabar
You are the one who first introduced me to the outside world.
Tu Jo Saath Hai Toh Phir Mujhko Na Kisi Ka Hai Koyi Dar
I have no fear if you are with me.
Yahi Toh Hai Meri Seher
And that’s my time, just before daybreak.

Teri Kasmein Maine Khaayi Yeh Hai Meri Daastaan
I took an oath in your name, and that is my story.
Tujhko Hi Zameen Banayi Aur Tujhi Ko Aasmaan
I thought of you as my land and sky.

Meri Kismat Mein Likha Hai Fikar Teri Meri Wafa
Concerned about our loyalty is a fate I have to suffer.
Main Khud Hi Nahi Hoon Khud Mein Mujhmein Tu Hai Is Kadar Haan
I’m not in myself; you have me under your control.
Yahi Toh Hai Meri Seher
And that’s my time, just before daybreak.

Watch Arijit Singh’s radiantly crooned Seher Song Lyrics and their meaning which are featured in the OM – Rashtra Kavach film of Aditya Roy Kapur. A. M. Turaz has introduced the Yahi Toh Hai Meri Seher Hindi lyrics and Kapil Verma dominated the music video.

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