Gallan Lyrics G Khan

Gallan Lyrics — G Khan

“Gallan,” the latest Punjabi single by G Khan, immerses listeners in the world of heartbreak and betrayal. The song’s lyrics, penned by Karan Kotha and Brar Saab, tell a tale

Allah Meharbaan Lyrics — G Khan

Allah Meharbaan Lyrics by G Khan is a topping song. ARV Music is the producer of ALLAH MEHARBAAN’s laudable music. The ace Allah Meharbaan Punjabi lyrics of the song are

Bindi Lyrics — G Khan

Bindi Lyrics by G Khan featuring Neha Malik is a bewitching song. Gag Studios is the musician of BINDI’s charismatic music. The blooming Bindi Punjabi lyrics of the ode are


Patli Patang Lyrics — G Khan | Sartaj Virk

Patli Patang Lyrics by Sartaj Virk, G Khan featuring Garry Sandhu is an enticing song. Daddy Beats is the producer of PATLI PATANG’s enthralling music. The cuddlesome Punjabi Patli Patang


Adha Jism Lyrics – G Khan

is , and it. its music, and directed music video. the lyrics for track released on . | Full Song Lyrics Lyrics by is the Latest song sung by ,

MERE VASTE Lyrics – G Khan

Lyric is by . the music for . The the lyrics of the song. directed the music video of ”, released on . SONG LYRICS • sings the song and