Rajasthan Lyrics — Khasa Aala Chahar

Rajasthan Lyrics by Khasa Aala Chahar is a excellent song. DJ Sky is the composer of RAJASTHAN’s pretty-pretty music. The luxurious Rajasthan Haryanvi lyrics of the jingle are provided by

Ha Krde Lyrics — Khasa Aala Chahar

Ha Krde Lyrics by Khasa Aala Chahar is a nice song. DJ SKY is the reviewer of HA KRDE’s precious music. The fetching Ha Krde Haryanvi lyrics of the chant

Rainbow Lyrics — Khasa Aala Chahar

Rainbow Lyrics by Khasa Aala Chahar is a exquisite song. Ghanu Music is the instrumentalist of RAINBOW’s lavish music. The delectable Rainbow Haryanvi lyrics of the track are given by

Dosh Lyrics — Khasa Aala Chahar

Dosh Lyrics by Khasa Aala Chahar is a superb song. Ghanu Musics is the adjuster of DOSH’s overelaborate music. The stylish Dosh Haryanvi lyrics of the canto are documented by

Desi Lyrics — Khasa Aala Chahar | Kd

Desi is a cute song, and it has tasty verbals by Khasa Aala Chahar, Kd. The precious lyrics of the ballad are scripted by Khasa Aala Chahar, Kd. Ghanu Music

Kde Kde Lyrics – Khasa Aala Chahar

Kde Kde is a gilt-edged song, and it has smart hymn by Khasa Aala Chahar. The likeable lyrics of the song are penned-down by Khasa Aala Chahar. DJ Sky is


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