Rog Awalla Lyrics Korala Maan

Rog Awalla Lyrics — Korala Maan

Rog Awalla Lyrics by Korala Maan: It is an ahead-of-the-game and a wonderful Punjabi song featuring Khushi Chaudhary. Desi Crew is the master of dandy music. The gratifying Rog Awalla


Straight Forward Lyrics — Korala Maan

Straight Forward Lyrics by Korala Maan: It is the newly published and a personable Punjabi song featuring Aaveera Singh. Desi Crew is the architect of STRAIGHT FORWARD’s number one music.

Careless Lyrics — Korala Maan

Careless Lyrics by Korala Maan is a bewitching song. Desi Crew is the melodist of CARELESS’s pretty-pretty music. The harmonious Careless Punjabi lyrics of the song are penned down by

JIND Lyrics – Korala Maan

Jind is a appealing song, and it has graceful vowels by Korala Maan. The easy on the eye lyrics of the canto are penned-down by Korala Maan. Avvy Sra is


Musafir Lyrics – Korala Maan

Lyric is by . the music for . The the lyrics of the song. directed the music video of ”, released on . SONG LYRICS • sings the song and