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Let's discover the meaning of 'US Lyrics,' a Punjabi song sung by Sidhu Moose Wala and written down by songwriter Sidhu Moose Wala. The music for US was composed by The Kidd.


The US is a magnificent Punjabi song that was just released this week. The lovable romantic song's lyrics are hummed and inked down by the singer Sidhu Moose Wala. Raja Kumari's exotic vocals and lyrics are the icings on the cake, making this song more than just a perfect romantic track.


No Walking Away Na Na,
And Giving Up Aa Way There To Fight,
No Walking Away Na Na,
You And I In This Full Life,

Main Thodi Tez Aa Oh Thoda Bhola,
Life Katthe Aa Bitauni Sadda Goal Aa,
Hunde Lekhan Ch Ni Wise Munde Sabde,
I’m Glad Ki Jatt Mera Kol Aa,

I’m a little clever, and he’s a little innocent.
Our goal is to spend our lives together.
It is not every girl’s destiny to have a wise man.
I am overjoyed that my beloved is with me.

Main Thodi Tez Aa Oho Bhola,
Life Katthe Aa Bitauni Sadda Goal Aa,
Hunde Lekhan Ch Ni Wise Munde Sabde,
I’m Glad Ki Jatt Mera Kol Aa,

I’m a little witty, and he’s a little naive.
Our ambition is to spend the rest of our lives together.
It isn’t in every girl’s destiny to marry a wise man.
I’m overjoyed that my beloved is here with me.

Main Chup Karan Na Te Oh Ni Bolda,
Kade Kade Meri Gall Vi Ni Gaulda,
Sau Kardi Tan Ek Masan Chakda,
Ghatt Dinda Ae Jawab Meri Call Da,

I never sit quietly, but he doesn’t say much.
And he doesn’t always pay attention to what I say.
Even if I called him a hundred times, he would only pick up one of them.
He rarely picks up the phone when I call.

Main Thodi Sweet Aa Te Oho Rude Aa,
Gall Kare Ya Na Kare Ohda Mood Aa,
Mainu Pata Aa Main Ohnu Thik Karlu,
Jatti Hauslein Ch Paindi All Good Aa,

I’m a little sweet, whereas he’s naturally rude.
It is up to him whether he wants to talk to me or not.
I’m confident that I can change him.
Even if I’m hoping, everything will be fine.

There is nothing to about it; I can’t stop it.
You got me all out my mind, all out of pocket.
Oh, you the king, I’m the one,
but the things that you done,
got to make it up to me because I’m mad.

Still, I love you to my life stays.
So baby, please don’t make me wait and wait.
From my strength now that you’re my weakness.
Still, I’m glad that you get in my way.

Nehde Dil De Ghat Milde Lok Suneya Tahion Kadar Karan,
Kadi Tan Awega Samjhawega Gal Lawega,Tahion Sabar Karan,

I’ve heard that only a few people will remain close to your heart. That is why I admire him.
You’d come one day. Make me understand and hug me. That’s why I’m patient.

Tere Vargi Tu Ae Akhda Duniya Batheri Phirdi,
Oh Tere Jehi Ae Par Tu Ni Tahion Tere Magar Phiran,
Ve Tahion Tere Magar Phiran,

You claim that there are a lot more people like you out there.
They may resemble you, but they are not you. That is why I am pursuing you.
That is why I am trying to pursue you.

Yeah, I’m thug it, I bought the everything in our way,
you won it. You got the anything for you bae.
I’m the rose; you’re the gun.
Get the ring; I’m the one.
Ain’t no one better for you, you know I’m bad.

They say we’re crazy we’ll never make it.
But they don’t know us.
There’s no you if there’s no me.
Ain’t no faking this we got that energy.
I want you close to me, yeah.

Main Thodi Hot Aa Oh Thoda Cool Aa,
Ladd Paini Aa Dimag Mera Fool Aa,
Ni Oh Karda Believe Respect Ch,
Munda Sochni Ton Jamma Old School Aa,

I’m a little hot, while he’s a little cool.
We fight easily because I am a fool.
He believes in being respectful.
His way of thinking is old-fashioned.

Main Thodi Soft Aa Oh Thoda Hard Aa,
Rehnda Khijhda Hi Karda Na Lad Aa,
Dinda Dekhan Kise Nu Mere Wal Na,
Injh Kare Jeon Behave Mera Guard Aa,

I have a soft heart, whereas he has a stone heart.
He’s always irritated, and he never pampers me.
He never allows people to stare at me.
He acts as if he is my bodyguard.

Main Thodi Aam Aa Oh Mashhoor Aa,
Par Bhora Vi Na Karda Guroor Aa,
Chakkan Hor Na Guarantee Moose Wale Di,
Bas Kudiyan Te Nasheya Ton Door Aa,

I’m a regular girl, whereas he’s extremely popular.
But he’s never overly proud of it.
I’m not sure if I can guarantee anything else about him,
but he’s not into girls or drug abuse.

No Walking Away Na Na,
And Giving Up Aa Way There To Fight,
No Walkin’gAway Na Na,
You And I In This Full Life.


Read the English translation of the "US" Punjabi Lyrics. Sidhu Moose Wala lent voice to the new song. The Kidd produced the music, and Sidhu Moose Wala wrote the lyrics for the song US.