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  • Name of Song: Skrrt Karenge
  • Artists:Emiway, Meme Machine
  • Lyricist: Emiway
  • Music Director: Crazyvibe
  • Mix and Master: Varun Shungloo (Southblock Studio)



Har Ek City Mein, Skrrt Karenge,
Every city we go, we do skrrt.
Skrrt is a slang used a lot in rap songs to move away or get away from somebody.

Chal Eh Bandh Kar Bhai Tera Show Karna Shuru Kia,
Shut the F**k up, Ive started doing shows
Aasmani Din Chalu,aasman Mei Roll Kia,
Started flying now am rolling in the skies.
Stage Pe Khada Hoke Mei Dhol Ko Bhi Bol Dia,
Standing on stage and giving speech to rhythm.
Khol Dia Maine Apne Aap Ko Aur No Kiya,
I’ve opened up now and started saying no.

Kaafi Saare Deal Ko Main Dheel Diya,
So many deals I’ve dropped.
Cheelne Ka Mauka Mila Chote Meine Cheel Diya,
When I got chance to prove, I did it.
Bandiyan Milna Chahti Hai Backstage
Chicks wanna meet me backstage.
Pucho Zara Kitni Saari Bandiyon Ne Bantai Ko Feel Kiya ?
Ask how many of them got chance to feel me.

Yeah! Main Hoon Party,
Yeah, I am the party.
Mere Party Mein No Bugatti,
In my party there’s no Bugatti
Lekin Jab Mangaunga Gaadi,
But when I’ll get cars in my video.
Teen Kilo Audi Do Kilo Mercedes Bling-bling
Ill get 3 kg Audi, 2 kg Mercedes,
Hoga Sab Kuch OG,
Everything will be OG
Underground Se Upper Mainstream Wala Foji
I am a underground to upper mainstream soldier.
A Ji, O Ji, Lo Ji Suno Ji
You,him and everyone note that
Emiway Bantai Organic OG.

Har Ek City Mein, Skrrt Karenge,
Every city we go, we skrrt.

Har Ek City Mei Skrrt Skrrt Skrrt Karenge,
We be doing skrrt in every city.
Jalne Wale Waise Bhi Nafrat Karenge
Jealous people will always hate.
Subha Uthke Fat Se Kasrat Karenge,
I wake up in the morning and do exercise.
Phir Lag Gaye Sabke Hum Jump Karenge, Jump-jump.
Now you all are gone, we gonna jump.

Bade Hotel Mein Chill Karo,
We chillin’ at top hotels
Bada Bada Bill Bharo,
Paying big big bills/
Beti Negative Toh Bt (Bad-trip) Ko Kill Karo
Hey girl why being negative, kill your bad trip.
Seeti Bajake Tum Vt (Victoria Terminus) Chalte Raho
Blow a whistle and keep walking
Charane Ki Baat Teri,
Jiska Koi Value Nahi Wahi Bajega,
What you speak have no value.
Jisko Kuch Malum Nahi,
Only those speak a lot who doesn’t know anything
Disco Mein Bajra Hu Kon Mujhe Jana Nai?
They playin’ my music in disco. Who doesn’t know me now
Neeche Se Uga Hu Benj Hu Khazana Nai.
I’ve grown from nothing. I am a seed don’t call me a diamond.

Harek City Mein,skrrt Karenge.
Every city we go, we skrrt.

Pehle Shows Nai Milte Thay,
They never booked me.
Khud Ka Show Rakha Main,
I kept my own show.
Khud Becha Ticket Sabko Yeh Pata Hai,
I was selling my own tickets.
Hateli Khopdi Sabki Hum Hataye,
My real fans know this I am a psycho will ride you mad.
Industry Chhod Apun Market Se Bada Hai.
Chuck industry, I am bigger than market.

Scene Change Kiya Maine Slow Motion Mein,
I changed the scene here in slow-motion.
Gardi Bhardunga Mein Bina Promotion Ke
I’ll fill the crowd without any promotion.
Tum Sirf Kharcho Paise Aur Fake Bano,
You can just invest money and act fake.
Aslipan Aata Hai Beta Andar Emotion Se.
Realness comes from inside.
Pehle Book Nahi Karta Tha Koyi,
First they never booked me,
Lekin Aaj Book Nahi Kar Paare Hai
Now they are not able to.
Bantai Ki Public Har Jagah Machaari Hai
Bantai and his crew killin’ it everywhere.
Shaam Ko Party Hai Sab Aari Hai.
We partying tonight,all the ladies are joining.

Sab Aari Hai Shyam Ko Part Hai Sab Aari Hai
All the ladies are coming tonight for the party
Aa Jao, Machayenge, Har Ek City Mein Skrrt.
You are welcome. Machayenge, Every city we go skrrttt.

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