Snake Song Lyrics Meaning | Deep Jandu & Karan Aujla

Snake Punjabi song lyrics with translations in English to explain the real meaning of song-lines sung by Deep Jandu & Karan Auja.

snake deep jandu karan aujla translation
Deep Jandu from Snake song music video


Sada time kahda badleya, bande badalde phirde aa,
Time has brought great changes for us. But people seem to changed, now.
Sadi rees karni kehnde, dhande badalde phirde aa,
They say that they wanna copy us so they have been changing several professions to attain same wealth, fame as us.
Jedi satt oh dil te maar gaye ohda dard thodi
The strike they made on my heart doesn’t hurt.
Yaar taan kudiyan badal diyan hundiyan balleya, mard thodi.
Women change men, not men change men.

Circle jina chota howe changa ae,
It’s better to keep your friend circle smaller, with limited people.
Jina vi vadhao ona zyada panga ae,
The more you extend it, more problems it brings.
Room wich behke gine daghebaziyan,
The deceives are to be calculated.
Naar ya gadaar da oh yaar danga ae,
It’s always about women or a traitor.

O sadeyan siran te kine boss ho gaye,
Many have turned entrepreneurs with our support.
Yaari piche, yaari piche loss ho gaye,
There has been plenty of losses over friendship.
Ni head up balliye, ni head up balliye.
But still we don’t look down.

O jede hunde back te stab karde,
The ones stab our backs.
Oh ne sapp balliye,
They are snakes.
(referring to backstabbers as poisonous, negativity and deceiving)
Sade diggan utte ne clap karde, oh ne sapp balliye,
The ones clap (or celebrate) on our downfall, are snakes.

Oh keda ae question ask karo,
Ask me the questions you have.
Jede asi karde aan task karo,
Do the tasks we have done in life.
O shaklan te jhoothe jede paaye hoye aa,
Paraan oh, paraan oh mask karo,
Take off the fake masks from faces.

Lokan mooray kambe na voice dardi,
My voice doesn’t shake with fear when talking to others. (I don’t feel nervous)
Chup dekh jattan di noise kardi,
See, how our silence silences them.
Na paunde khapp baliye, naa paunde khapp baliye,
We don’t unnecessarily make noise, girl.

Jede hunde back te stab karde, oh ne sapp balliye,
The ones stab our backs are snakes.
Sade diggan utte ne clap karde, oh ne sapp balliye,
The ones clap on our downfall, are snakes.

Oh duniya te dariyan, kahdiyan ne yariyan,
The world goes on, what is the value of friendship, nowadays?
Apne hi khich pichon maarde ne taadiyan,
Our loved ones only pull our legs back and then clap on it.
Paise piche nachdi aa duniya ae name te ji
The people do things for money.
Allrhan di laggi hoyi aa yaari kehnde sale te
Being in love with girls is on sale, it’s said.

O thamm jo kahaunde saale ret hunde,
The ones call themselves pillars are merely sand.
Changay din sadey kithon dekh hunde,
They can’t bear that good days are on us.
Sadiyan tijoriyan nu laun chabiyan,
The ones try to steal from us,
Yaar naiyo hunde oh snake hunde.
Are not friends, they are snakes.

Aujla tan izzat hi gain karda,
The poet (Aujla) only gains reputation.
Jeda kam kare insane karda,
Whatever he does, he does it well.
Oh rabb ne lekhan ch likhi end life ni,
God has written us a good fate.
Vairiyan da kalja ae pain karda,
But the opponents can’t bear it.

Parma ta tera band book allrhe,
Your Parma (referring to a person – a shoutout to song producer), is a closed book. Nobody knows what’s inside.
Laghde jo moddeyan ton thuk allrhe,
The ones take us as nothing.
Main laine napp baliye.
I am gonna take them down, soon.

Jede hunde back te stab karde, oh ne sapp balliye,
The ones stab our backs are snakes.
Sade diggan utte ne clap karde, oh ne sapp balliye,
The ones clap on our downfall, are snakes.

O aithe koi chakkar nai kaun star aa,
It doesn’t matter who is star (more famous) here.
Harek de veeray sira hi yaar aa,
Everybody has wonderful friends, brother.
End te hathan nu hath ne,
At the end of the day, it’s just hand to hand (only you & me.)
Tere kol sau hon ge, mere ko’ taan atth ne,
You might have hundreds of friends but I only have eight.
Khadna ni katth ne, aithe ladayi ch koi fayida ni,
The crowd won’t last. There’s nothing good to fight for.
Paindiyan di thod ni, pehlan vi daseya sanu lod ni,
Earlier also I have told, I don’t need it (referring to his previous song – No Need)
Apna kam karo, swad lao, ik life aa yaar, do it big.
Do your job. Enjoy it, we only live once. Make it large.
Work hard. Don’t worry about the haters, kyonke, oh ne sapp balliye.
Work hard and don’t bother about criticizers because they are snakes.