Sohna Lagda Lyrics — Inder Kaur

“Sohna Lagda” is an upbeat ode to admiration that highlights Inder Kaur’s energetic vocals and Virk Andaaz’s imaginative lyrics. This cheerful track celebrates developing affection through playful words and a lively rhythm.

Sohna Lagda Lyrics Inder Kaur

Inder Kaur brings the sprightly lyrics to life with her energetic vocals, singing about her crush with delight and coyness. When she says, “Jatta par mainu sohna lagda,” the fondness bubbles through her voice. Little Boi’s cheerful composition proves the perfect musical foil with its mix of traditional dhol beats and contemporary synths.

At the heart of the song lies Virk Andaaz’s creative lyricism, which uses vivid imagery to describe the protagonist’s crush. Descriptions like “his twirling mustache” and “rifle on his shoulder” highlight what the singer finds attractive. The humorous line “he’s the only one who appeals to me among hundreds” encapsulates the new infatuation’s singular focus.


Haye Char Te Chufere Dekh Lakhan Ethe Chehre
Dekh Bind Bind Bhanne Jeda Loon,
Ind Bind Bhanne Jeda Loon,
Ho Jatta Par Mainu Sona Lagda Ae
Ho Jatta Par Mainu Sona Lagda Ae Tu

Ho Ik Gal Jatta Teri Hor Soni Lagdi
Nal Nal Turna Ae Tor Soni Lagdi
Tangeya Dunali Wala Butt Sona Lagda
Paonda Jo Muchan Nu Tera Hath Sona Lagda

Haye Pind Mud’di Tere Nu Jeri Juh
Ho Jatta Par Mainu Sona Lagda Ae
Ho Jatta Par Mainu Sona Lagda Ae Tu

Haye Akhian Nu Akhan Wali Deed Soni Lagdi Aa
Tere Nal Sachi Har Reejh Soni Lagdi
Lagno Hata’ta Dil Jatta Tu Jatti Da
Par Mukdi A Gal Har Cheez Soni Lagdi

Ho Akh Lal Lal Utte Shak Nahiyo Karna
Jeyna Tere Nal Ve Main Tere Nal Marna
Virk Andaz Tenu Khoke Iss Janam Ch
Khud Da Main Bad Jatta Luck Naiyo Karna

Tere Mode Meri Zulfan Di Chhu
Ho Jatta Par Mainu Sona Lagda Ae
Ho Jatta Par Mainu Sona Lagda Ae Tu

In the vibrant music video, Inder playfully expresses her admiration, capturing the essence of the lyrics. Lead actor Mandeep Dhaliwal’s swaggering style complements the song’s spirit.


Overall, from Inder’s spirited vocals to the energetic music and imaginative lyrics, “Sohna Lagda” makes for an enthusiastic, engaging listen celebrating the sweet rush of a growing crush.


Jatti — Harvy Sandhu, Inder Kaur

Track Name Sohna Lagda
Singer(s) Inder Kaur
Lyrics Writer(s) Virk Andaaz
Composer(s) Little Boi