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The song “Sooseki Lyrics Meaning” from the Telugu movie “Pushpa 2” is a captivating piece featuring the vocal talent of Shreya Ghoshal. The film stars Rashmika Mandanna and Allu Arjun, and Chandrabose writes the song’s lyrics. Produced by Devi Sri Prasad and directed by Sukumar, this song has resonated with many due to its emotional depth and traditional sounds.

Sooseki Lyrics English Meaning Pushpa 2
Title Sooseki
Movie/Album Pushpa 2
Vocalist(s) Shreya Ghoshal
Lyricist(s) Chandrabose
Music Producer(s) Devi Sri Prasad
Star Cast Rashmika Mandanna, Allu Arjun

The “Pushpa 2” movie’s song “Sooseki Aggirava Madire Untade Naa Saami,” through its translated Telugu lyrics, explores the duality of a tough exterior hiding a tender heart, depicting love for a seemingly tough character. It combines traditional Telugu instrumentation with contemporary beats, creating a unique emotional impact.

Pushpa 2 Movie’s Sooseki Aggirava Madire Untade Naa Saami Lyrics English Meaning

Veedu Moratodu Ani
They say he’s a brute, a ruffian.
Vaallu Veellu Enneanni Anna
They whisper and gossip, their voices united.
Pasipillavadu Naa Vaadu
But to me, he’s my little child, my precious baby.

Veedu Mondodu Ani Ooru Vaada Anukunnaa Gani
The village may mock his rustic ways,
Maharaju Naaku Naa Vaadu
But to me, he’s my king, my life’s blaze.

O Maata Pelusaina, Manasulo Venna
Oh, though his words may be rough, his heart is pure gold,
Rayila Unna Vaadilona
Like butter hidden beneath a stone, so cold.
Devudevariki Thelusuna Naa Kanna?
Who can know the true worth of a soul like mine?

Sooseki Aggirava Madire Untade Naa Saami
My beloved, he resembles a spark of fire when I look at him.
Mettani Patti Puvulaa Mari Santode Naa Saami
Like a soft cotton blossom, he brings me joy, my heart’s calm blossom.

Errabadda Kallalona Kopame Meeku Thelusu
In your reddened eyes, anger is all you know.
Kallalona Dachukunna Chemma Naake Thelusu
The tears you hide within them, only I can see.
Korameesam Ruvvutunna Roshame Meeku Thelusu
The fury that makes your mustache quiver is what you display.
Meesamenaka Musurukunna Musinavvu Naaku Thelusu
But the sly grin behind it, I can perceive

Adavilo Pulila Sarasara Sarasara
Like a tiger in the forest, you move with grace.
Cheleragadame Neeku Thelusu
Your exuberance knows no bounds and no space.
Alasina Raatiri Odilo Cheri
In the embrace of the weary night, she finds her solace.
Tala Vaalchadame Srivalliki Thelusu
Shreevalli finds solace in his embrace, her sanctuary.

Sooseki Aggirava Madire Untade Naa Saami
My love, he’s like a fiery blaze, a burning ember.
Mettani Patti Puvulaa Mari Santode Naa Saami
Yet as gentle as a cotton flower, so tender.

Goppa Goppa Inamulane Ichchivese Navaabu
Oh, my beloved, a Nawab who bestows grand gifts
Nannu Maatrame Chinni Chinni, Muddu Ladige Gareebu
Yet he asks for simple kisses, a pauper’s wish.

Pedda Pedda Panulu Itte Chakkabette Magadu
A man who effortlessly accomplishes great tasks
Vaadi Chokka Ekkadundo Vetakamantadu Soodu
He asks me to search for his vest, playing a cheeky trick.

Bayatiki Velli Endarendarino Edirincheti Doragaaru
My beloved, a valiant lord, faces countless foes beyond our door.
Nene Tanaki Edurellakunda Bayatiki Vellaru Srivaaru!
Yet, without me by his side, he ventures out no more.

Sooseki Aggirava Madire Untade Naa Saami
Like a blazing fire, his presence fills me with awe.
Ittanti Manchi Mogudunte, Ee Pillaina Maharani
With such a husband, any woman would feel like a queen, no flaw.

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Sooseki Music Video

The music video for “Sooseki” from Pushpa 2 features Rashmika Mandanna and Allu Arjun and beautifully captures the essence of hidden emotions and misunderstood love. Shreya Ghoshal’s soulful rendition, Chandrabose’s poignant lyrics, and Devi Sri Prasad’s masterful production make this song a memorable addition to Telugu cinema. The visuals align perfectly with the song’s mood, adding a layer of storytelling that enhances the audience’s experience.

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