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Soul of Varisu, the AKA Ammammo Nenemi song lyrics with their meaning in English from the Tamil film “Varisu” features Thalapathy Vijay, and it has a lyric sung by K. S. Chithra that shines brightly. Vivek is the one who composed the overwhelming words to the chant that is used in the Soul of Varisu. The talented instrumentalist behind the upbeat music of SOUL OF VARISU is Thaman S. Vamshi Paidipally, responsible for producing the captivating music video of the limerick.


Let’s have a look at the Soul Of Varisu Song Lyrics, which were ably performed by K. S. Chithra and are featured in the film Varisu, which was directed by Thalapathy Vijay. Vivek is responsible for composing the lyrics of Soul Of Varisu in Tamil, while Vamshi Paidipally is leading the music video.


Aarariro Kekuthamma Nerinil Vanthathu En Nijama
My ear can hear a lullaby so dear. Has my truth truly come to see me?
Nan Konda Kayangal Poguthamma, Nadiyum Mellisai Agudhamma
Needless in my heart now scars which depart. Even the pulse in my body beats a rhythmic melody.

Pillai Vasathil Asaigal Thoranam Soodudhamma
The scent of my son leads me to the gate. My welcome with as festoons decorate.
Nenjam Anandha Megathil Oonjalum Adudhamma
My heart on clouds nine swings to a tune sublime.

En Uyiril Irundhu Pirindha Pagudhi Inge
A part of me that I lost is back in my arms at last.
Nan Izhandha Sirippum Idhaya Thudippum Inge Meendum Inge
My soul and heartbeat forgotten then now straightened with a slice of heaven.

Indha Nodi Neram Ennuyiril Eeram
My soul in this second, in this time is drenched in kindness sublime.
Kannedhiril Kalam Nindruviduma
Right in front of me, will time stand still totally?

En Idhazhin Oram Punnagaiyin Kolam
In the corner of my lips slight, a smile lightens with delight.
Indha Varam Yavum Thangividuma
Will this blessing so dear live a lifetime here.

Pal Mugam Kanave Nan Thavithen, Indru Nee Vara Kettudha Aaro
Now that you’re back home, dear, I can hear that lifting lullaby in my hear.
Kal Thadam Veezhave Nan Thudithen, Unnai Thai Madi Yendhudhe Thalo
I was waiting eagerly to hear the sound of you footsteps here.

The song’s words are as follows: “I can hear aaraario (lullaby) once again. Is it accurate to say that my truth has resurfaced? Every one of my wounds is finally starting to get better. Even the rhythm of your heartbeat is beginning to sound like music. In the aroma of my kid, festoons of longing are beginning to take shape. On the joyful swing, the beating heart can be seen dancing.

Soul Of Varisu Full Song | Varisu

The long-awaited third single from Vijay’s Varisu, titled Soul of Varisu, has finally been released. A skilled singer named K. S. Chitra delivers a heartfelt performance of a song written from the point of view of a mother who is overjoyed to see her son return after an absence for quite some time. Vivek wrote the tune, while S Thaman was responsible for the composition.

Varisu Film’s Soul Of Varisu Music Video | Thalapathy Vijay

The lyric video has some lovely images of Vijay and Jayasudha, which accompany the video (who is playing his mother in the film). The number lends credence to the persistent rumors circulating about the movie’s storyline, which is said to be about a son who comes back after being away for a very long period to deal with issues that have arisen at home.

The first two singles of the movie are pretty different from the third track, “Soul of Varisu.” The first song, “Ranjithame,” was an upbeat folk fusion. The second song, “Massy Hero Introduction Song,” turned out to be more of a hero introduction song than anything else. Chitra’s outstanding performance makes Thaman’s slow-paced single, Soul of Varisu, a big success. It is attributable mainly to the fact that Thaman created the music.

Soul Of Varisu Song Details
Track Soul Of Varisu
Movie Varisu
Lead Vocalist K. S. Chithra
Lyricist Vivek
Music Director Thaman S
Star Thalapathy Vijay

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