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“Srimathi Garu Lyrics Translation,” a delightful Telugu song from the movie Lucky Baskhar, features the melodic vocals of Vishal Mishra and Shweta Mohan, with lyrics by Shreemani. This playful and romantic track, beautifully produced by Gv Prakash Kumar and directed by Venky Atluri, encapsulates the essence of love and reconciliation through its lively melody and endearing lyrics. The song has gained popularity in the Telugu film industry, with praise for Vishal Mishra’s and Shweta Mohan’s expressive rendition. The music video on YouTube depicts the chemistry between the lead stars, Dulquer Salmaan and Meenakshi Chaudhary, enriching its cultural significance.

Srimathi Garu Lyrics Translated to English Lucky Baskhar
Title Srimathi Garu
Movie/Album Lucky Baskhar
Vocalist(s) Vishal Mishra, Shweta Mohan
Lyricist(s) Shreemani
Music Producer(s) Gv Prakash Kumar
Star Cast Dulquer Salmaan, Meenaakshi Chaudhary

Dulquer Salmaan’s starring song, “Srimathi Garu,” tells a story of affection and teasing between a couple through the translation of its Telugu lyrics. It uses figurative language, likening the woman’s smile to jasmine flowers and expressing emotions through nature metaphors. The music combines traditional Telugu elements with contemporary beats, creating a vibrant, catchy tune that complements playful lyrics.

Lucky Baskhar Movie’s Srimathi Garu Lyrics Translated to English

Kopalu Chalandi Srimathi Garu
Enough of anger, my dear.
Konchem Cool Avandi Madam Garu
Calm down a bit, my lady.
Chamanthi Nave Visire Meeru
When you throw your jasmine-like smile
Kasiresthu Vunna Bavunnaru
You look beautiful, even when angry.

Saradaga Sage Samayamona
When we are having a good time,
Marichipothe Badha Kaburu
If we forget our worries,
Vaddhu Antu Aapedhavaru
Who will stop us?

Kopalu Chalandi Srimathi Garu
Enough of anger, Mrs.
Konchem Cool Avandi Madam Garu
Calm down a bit, Madam.

Paluke Needhi O Vennapoosa, Alake Aape Manasa
Mounamthoti Matade Basha, Ante Neeke Telusa

What do you say… Oh, my buttercup?
Why do you stop me from being angry?
Oh, the language you speak in silence, are you tired of it?

Ee Alala Gattu Aa Poola Chettu
Ninu Challabadave Antunnaye

This shore with waves… that tree with flowers
We are asking you to cool down.

Em Jaraganatu Nuvu Kariginattu
Ne Karaganantu Chebuthunnale
Neetho Vadhuladi Gelavalene Vanneladi

As if nothing happened. It’s as if you’ve melted.
You are saying that you will not melt.
I can’t win by arguing with you, my love.

Sarasalu Chalandi O Srivaru
Aakhariki Neggedhi Mee Magavaru

Enough of flirting, oh Mr.
In the end, it is your manliness that will win.

Haye Panche Ee Challagali Malli Malli Radhe
Neetho Unte Ye Hayikaina Nakem Lote Ledhu
Adhugo Na Mate Antondhi Poote
Santoshamante Manamenani

Oh, the cool breeze from this saree!
Will it not come back?
What more joy do I need when I am with you?
See, my words are saying that happiness is ours.

Idhigo Ee Aate, Aade Alavate
Maneyavento Kavalani
Nuve Unte Chale
Marichipona Onamale

This game we play… This habit of playing…
Why should we stop?
If you are here, that’s enough.
Will I forget the Onam Festival?

Bavundhi Bavundi Oh Srivaru
Garabam Mechhindi Srimathi Garu

That’s good, that’s good, oh Mr.
The wife is pleased…

Srimathi Garu Music Video

The music video effectively portrays the song’s storyline with playful interactions and heartfelt moments between the lead characters, resonating with the song’s cheerful tone. “Srimathi Garu” by Vishal Mishra and Shweta Mohan celebrates the joy of love and the importance of communication in relationships, making it a standout in Telugu cinema’s musical repertoire.

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