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Swagathaanjali is a dazzling song from ‘Chandramukhi 2’ that welcomes the return of Chandramukhi, the Goddess of Dance. The lyrics, penned by Chaitanya Prasad, are catchy and glamorous, praising the beauty and talent of the actress. Sreenidhi Tirumala sings the song, and her voice is stunning throughout. M. M. Keeravani’s music is lively and rhythmic, combining classical and contemporary elements.

Swagathaanjali Lyrics English Translation Chandramukhi 2

The song features Raghava Lawrence, Kangana Ranaut, Lakshmi Menon, and Mahima Nambiar as the lead actors, who play the roles of Vettaiyan, Ganga, Durga, and Meera, respectively. The film, which P. Vasu directed, is a horror-comedy that comes after Chandramukhi, a well-known Tamil movie. The song introduces Ganga, who is under the influence of Chandramukhi, a well-known dancer from the past. The music video is spectacular and grand, showing the dance and drama of the characters.

Swagathaanjali is a song that will make you feel the thrill and excitement of Chandramukhi 2. It is one of the most impressive songs from the movie and one of the best works by M. M. Keeravani. If you are looking for a song that will mesmerize you with its charm and grace, Swagathaanjali is the one for you.


Lasya Vilasitha Nava Natiya Devatha
She is the epitome of grace The Goddess of Dance
Nadanangitha Abi Nayaratha Charugeetha Charitha
She can act, and she can dance She is an artist with no parallels

Swagathanjali Swagathanjali
Welcome! Welcome!
Janana Janana Nupurari Swagathanjali
Welcome. Oh, elegant dancer! Welcome
O Chandramukhi Neegithe Swagathanjali
Oh, Chandramukhi, we welcome you

Padhamu Padhamuga Hrudhaya Layaluga
I move and dance like the heartbeat
Prakruthi Purushuley Paravasinchaga
Men cannot help themselves from being charmed

Pranavamu Vinuthinchina Natyam
It is a dance that echoes the cosmic divinity
Nayana Madhuramai Natana Sadhanamai
It’s a visual delight a dance for the ages

Nara Naralalo Nadha Bharithamai
My rhythm will penetrate your nerves
Nava Jevana Rasamaya Lyasin
My dance will live until the end of the earth
Sakhuda Sakhuda
My love! My love!

Nepai Dhyasa Na Yedha Ghosha
You fill my thoughts; you are my heart’s roar.
Thakka Thaka Tharikita Thakita Thakita Thalamu Sagina Oosulu Gusa Gusa
Amid this magnificent music, our romance flourishes.

Padhamu Padhamuga Hrudhaya Layaluga
I move and dance like the heartbeat.
Prakruthi Purushuley Paravasinchaga
Men cannot help themselves from being charmed.
Pranavamu Vinuthinchina Natyam
It is a dance that echoes the cosmic divinity.

Enni Kalalu Enni Alalu Kanne Manasu Poralalo
How many dreams? How many waves?
Valapulegasa Valapulegasa Nalo
In the layers of the maiden’s heart. Love soars in me, your thoughts soar in me

Sandhra Kalalu Indhradhanusu Velli Viriyu Vayasulo
The time has come for the rainbow to adorn the sky
Marula Virula Sarulu Merisey Lolo
You have captivated me with your appeal

Samba Sivuni Divya Charana Charitha Lalitha Gatulalo
At the holy feet of the mighty Lord Shiva
Atma Dhi Bhuvi Madhuvidha Lachi Adi Padi La
I move my feet and dance In the thoughts of my only love

Pranayini Padha Chalanamey Natyam
This world is empty without dance

Padhamu Padhamuga Hrudhaya Layaluga
Dancing step by step like a heartbeat
Prakruthi Purushuley Paravasinchaga
Men in nature are charmed, A dance that echoes Cosmic holy monosyllable
Nava Jeevana Rasamaya Rasyam
Will live until earth spins

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Title Swagathaanjali
Movie Chandramukhi 2
Singer(s) Sreenidhi Tirumala
Lyrics Writer(s) Chaitanya Prasad
Music Composer(s) M. M. Keeravani
Actor(s) Kangana Ranaut, Lakshmi Menon, Mahima Nambiar, Raghava Lawrence