Ta Takkara (Hindi) Lyrics English {Translation} — Kalki 2898 AD

“Ta Takkara Lyrics English Translation,” from the movie Kalki 2898 AD, is a captivating Hindi song featuring Sanjith Hegde and Dhee. The lyrics are by Kumaar, and the song is produced by Santhosh Narayanan. Starring Disha Patani and Prabhas, the song has received attention in the Hindi music scene for its enchanting melody and seamless blend of vocals.

Ta Takkara Lyrics English Translation Kalki 2898 AD
Title Ta Takkara
Movie/Album Kalki 2898 Ad
Vocalist(s) Sanjith Hegde, Dhee
Lyricist(s) Kumaar
Music Producer(s) Santhosh Narayanan
Star Cast Disha Patani, Prabhas

The song “Ta Takkara” features awe-inspiring lyrics and a blend of traditional and modern music, creating a captivating auditory experience.

Ta Takkara (Hindi) From “Kalki 2898 Ad” [Complex Song] Lyrics English {Translation}

Yeh Kahan Le Aayi Taqdeerein,
Where has fate brought me?
Hai Safar Naya Naya Ya,
It seems like a new journey.
Dekh Ke Yeh Nazare Yoon Lage
Khile Hain Jaise Tare,

Seeing these sights, it feels like stars have blossomed.

Kisne Yeh Sab Mausam Yeh Roshni Rang
Zameen Pe Hai Utare,

Who brought this weather, this light, and these colors to Earth?
Tham Gayi Hai Aankhen,
Jannatein Hain Mere Rubaru,

My eyes are frozen; heaven is before me.
Khwab Sach Huwa Hai Chal Raha Hai Jadu
A dream has come true; magic is unfolding.

Yeh Jagah Yeh Zameer Raste Mere Hai Yeh Sare,
This place, this land, and these paths are all mine.
Ek Din Hongi Puri Khwahish Adhoori Hai Waqt Ke Ishare,
Time will eventually bring my unfulfilled desires to fruition.
Hai Isi Ko Pana Har Ghadi Hai Yeh Mera Junoon,
Every moment, I am passionate about achieving this.
Khwab Sach Hua Hai, Chal Raha Hai Jadu
A dream has come true; magic is unfolding.

Hai Ab Se Mera Yahi Aashiyana,
From now on, this is my abode.
Har Lamhe Mujhe Yahi Pe Bitana,
I want to spend all of my time here.
Yeh Dil Maze Mein Jhoome Na Jagaye Re,
Don’t let my heart dance and wake me up.
Har Dum Ab Hase Zindagi Koi Nahi Hai Gham,
Always smile; life has no sorrow.
Hai Khushiyon Ka Lehraya Parcham,
The flag of happiness is waving.

Ta Takkara Music Video

The music video for “Ta Takkara” by Sanjith Hegde and Dhee from Kalki 2898 AD, directed by Nag Ashwin, beautifully captures the song’s essence and offers a magical listening experience.

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