Gaur Naal Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Gaur Naal is Rajvir Jawanda’s newest song. Ikwinder is composer, Mani Longia is writer of Gaur Nal’s full lyrics that you can read below. RAJVIR JAWANDA | GAUR NAAL FULL

Radkan Te Madkan Rajvir Jawanda song lyrics

Radkan Te Madkan Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Radkan Te Madkan is a cheerful Punjabi song performed by Rajvir Jawanda. The songwriter Pirti Silon wrote the engaging lyrics. The music for this new track was composed by J

Punjaban (by Rajvir Jawanda) song lyrics

Punjaban Song Lyrics | by Rajvir Jawanda

  Punjaban is the freshly released Punjabi song from Rajvir Jawanda with energetic music from Byg Byrd. Babla Virk is writer of Punjaban song lyrics that you may like to

Putt Jatt Da lyrics Rajvir Jawanda Vicky Dhaliwal

Putt Jatt Da Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

PUTT JATT DA SONG LYRICS from RAJVIR JAWANDA – Putt Jatt Da is a most recent released track of Rajvir Jawanda and has lyrics from Vicky Dhaliwal. J Statik is

Dream Rajvir Jawanda lyrics

Dream Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda | Mix Singh

Rajvir Jawanda’s brand new Punjabi song ‘Dream Lyrics’ with entertaining writing of Vicky Dhaliwal. Mix Singh is composer of music while Baljit Singh Deo shoots its music video. Read now,

Hon Wala Sardar song lyrics Rajvir Jawanda

Hon Wala Sardar Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

HON WALA SARDAR LYRICS from RAJVIR JAWANDA – The latest Punjabi song “Hon Wala Sardar” is performed by “Rajvir Jawanda” and it has music production of Mix Singh. Singh Jeet

Chakvi Kadhai -Rajvir Jawanda

Chakvi Kadhai Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Chakvi Kadhai Lyrics from Rajvir Jawanda featuring Ginni Kapoor in music video is a latest song from artist. Desi Crew composes music for “Chakvi Kadai o Kadayi” track with its

Punjab Ton Rajvir Jawanda

Punjab Ton Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

PUNJAB TON LYRICS from RAJVIR JAWANDA is a fresh song from artist released on new year. G Guri is director of song music and video direction has been given by

Sarpanchi Rajvir Jawanda

Sarpanchi Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Singer: Rajvir Jawanda Song Name: Sarpanchi Music Composer: Mix Singh Lyrics: Amar Kavi Label: Jass Records Sarpanchi Lyrics – A newly released Punjabi song energetically hummed by Rajvir Jawanda and

hello hello song rajvir jawanda

Hello Hello Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Hello Hello Lyrics with creative music production of Mix Singh and the appealing vocals are lent by Rajvir Jawanda. Josan Sandeep has given direction to music video of “HELLO” Punjabi

Mera Dil song lyrics Rajvir Jawanda(1)

Mera Dil Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Mera Dil Lyrics from singer with most unique vocals “Rajvir Jawanda” releases his latest song and it has been musically produced by Mix Singh. Raju Chaukimann is writer of verses

Raule Di Zameen song lyrics (Full Song ) Rajvir Jawanda

Raule Di Zameen Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Raule Di Zameen latest song in lyrics writing of Gill Raunta and the vocal performance of Rajvir Jawanda has released. Ikwinder Singh is director of music and Jass Records have

ILtaan Rajvir Jawanda Ft.MixSingh

Iltaan – Rajvir Jawanda

Iltaan with pleasing lyrics from Gill Raunta with strong vocals of Rajvir Jawnda is latest music project of Jass Records.  Mix Singh is director of music while mixing & mastering


Ban Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

BAN LYRICS – here is the most entertaining song of this week’s releases. The Punjabi number has enormous music production from KV Singh and Rajvir Jawanda is vocalist, he is

Sardaari song Rajvir Jawanda Ft. Desi Crew

Rajvir Jawanda – Sardari

Sardari Lyrics is one more piece of enjoyable music from skilled vocalist Rajvir Jawanda. The ear-catching music to song is production of Desi Crew and Narinder Batth has provided lyrics

Muchha Kundiyan by Rajvir Jawanda

Muchha Kundiyan – Rajvir Jawanda

MUCHHA KUNDIYAN LYRICS from RAJVIR JAWANDA from (aka Muchan Kundiyan) with verses of Gill Raunta and music of Desi Routz is a latest song, released by PTC Punjabi.

Landlord by Rajvir Jawanda

Landlord – Rajvir Jawanda

Landlord is title of Rajvir Jawanda and Preet Hundal’s new song with lyrics driven by Kamal Kharoud. The Punjabi song is produced by Hundal and Jawanda has lent his voice

Daler song Rajvir Jawanda

Daler – Rajvir Jawanda

Daler Lyrics is another compelling song hummed on by Rajvir Jawanda with its music production settled by Mix Singh. The song has released from Jass Records while the lyric are

Shokeen song Rajveer Jawanda

Shokeen Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Shokeen Lyrics from the songbook of Kunda Singh Dhaliwal is a most recent sung song from Rajvir Jawanda. Rupin Kahlon is music director and music film is directed by Song

Kesri Jhande song Rajvir Jawanda

Kesri Jhande – Rajvir Jawanda

Kesri Jhande Lyrics is encouraging, engergetic song from Rajvir Jawanda. Gill Raunta has provided the stanza while Desi Routz composed music.  Jass Records released “KESRI JHANDE” Punjabi song and here

Kangani Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Kangani Lyrics by Rajvir Jawanda is an adorable Punjabi song which has verses written down by Gill Raunta. The fair music of track “KANGANI or KANGNI” is a composition of

Patiala Shahi Pagg – Rajvir Jawanda

Patiala Shahi Pagg Lyrics from PTC Star Night 2017: The song is created on the new year celebration and is sung by Rajvir Jawanda.Music of the anthem is created by

Shaandaar Lyrics – Rajvir Jawanda

Shaandaar Lyrics from new Punjabi album of Rajvir Jawanda is a single track which is produced by Mix Singh.Jass Records  have brought up the presentation of ‘SHAANDAAR’ song which is