Tamasha Lyrics (English Meaning): Mustafa Zahid | Yashal Shahid

“Tamasha Lyrics Meaning,” sung by Mustafa Zahid and Yashal Shahid, is a moving Urdu song composed by Atif Ali and directed by Muhammad Fauad (Fadi Khan). The song’s evocative lyrics tell a story of longing and emotional turmoil. It has gained attention for its heartfelt portrayal of love and separation.

Tamasha Lyrics English Meaning Yashal Shahid
Title Tamasha
Vocalist(s) Mustafa Zahid, Yashal Shahid
Lyricist(s) Mueen Chaudhry, Atif Ali
Producer(s) Atif Ali

Mustafa Zahid and Yashal Shahid’s latest song, “Mujhko To Tune Tamasha Bana Rakha Hai,” explores themes of love, loss, and emotional aftermath through its translated Urdu lyrics. It blends traditional and contemporary elements to create a hauntingly beautiful soundscape, complementing the emotional weight of the lyrics. Critics have noted its ability to convey complex emotions through simple yet powerful metaphors, making it relatable to a broad audience.


Milke To Yun Laga, Jaise Hamesha Se Apne Hi The,
When we met, it felt like we had always been together.
Shayad Mere Liye Banke Guman Tum Reh Gaye,
Maybe you were just speculating.
Tu Ghair Hi To Hai, Par Apna Hi Kyun Lagta Hai,
You are a stranger, but why do you feel like my own?
Chalo Man Lete Hain, Mujh Se Juda Tu Reh Sakta Hai,
Let’s accept it; you can live away from me.
Tujhe Kya Khabar, Tujhe Dil Mein Basa Rakha Hai,
What do you know? I have kept you in my heart.
Mujhko To Tune Tamasha Bana Rakha Hai,
You have made a mockery of me.

Ye Zaruri To Nahi Haike Hamain Yad Bhi Aaye Dobara,
We don’t need to remember each other again,
Par Ye Mumkin Haike Koi Or Na Ban Paye Hamara,
But it is possible that no one else could be mine in the future.
Yeh Piyar Hi To Hai Jo Dard Hasske Hi Sehta Hai,
It is what love isโ€”bearing pain with a smile.
Khayal Hi To Hai, Bikhre Hue Ehsas Mein Behta Hai,
It is just a thought that flows through scattered feelings.
Tujhe Kya Khaber Tujhe Apna Bana Rakha Hai,
What do you know? I have made you mine.
Mujhko To Tune Tamasha Bana Rakha Hai,
You have made a mockery of me.

Khamosh Baithi Gungunati Hoon, Tujhse Rishta Purana,
Sitting silently, I hum about our old relationship.
Mere Humraz, Tu Lautke Aa Ja,
My dear, come back.
Dil Dhoondta Phir Bahana,
My heart is looking for an excuse.
Abhi Yar Mere Koi Faisla Na Likh,
Please don’t make any decisions yet, my friend.
Hai Yaqeen Tumhein Lotke Aana Hai,
I am sure you will come back crying.

Mere Humnawa Bata Kya Tune Chupa Rakha Hai,
My companion, tell me what you have hidden.
Mujhko To Tune Tamasha Bana Rakha Hai,
You have made a mockery of me.

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Tamasha Music Video

The music video for “Tamasha” effectively captures the song’s essence, using visual storytelling to highlight the pain and beauty of unfulfilled love. Directed by Muhammad Fauad (Fadi Khan), the video features poignant visuals that echo the song’s themes, enhancing the overall impact.

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