Tanhaai Lyrics Translation – Tulsi Kumar Ft. Zain Imam

Tanhaai Song Lyrics by Tulsi Kumar & Sachet-Parampara feat. Zain Imam with English translation, is a romantic-sad Hindi track. Sayeed Quadri is the lyricist and below is the meaning of songlines for “TANHAI LYRICS” written by him.

T-Series introduces TANHAAI with Bhushan Kumar’s presentation, a saga of growing up and out of isolation in which we always find ourselves. The song features the very talented Tulsi Kumar’s power-packed voice starring her and Zain Imam, a composition by the highly skilled music duo Sachet-Parampara with Sayeed Quadri’s meaningful Hindi lyrics. Directed to the music video is by Sneha Shetty Kohli.


Toota Hai Bohat Yeh Dil Mera, Ansu Hain Badi Tanhai Hai,
My heart has broken a lot of times. I am in tears; I am in desolation,
Jab Se Teri Bahon Mein Humein, Aane Ki Huyi Manahi Hai,
I’ve been forbidden to be in your arms ever since.

Kuch Yadein Jo Teri Baki Hain, Jo Dil Ko Bohat Satati Hain,
Some of your memories, which are still alive, torment my heart a lot.
Kate Se Nahi Kat’ta Lamha, Kyun Dedi Tanhai,
It’s like the time has come to pause for me. Why did you give me this loneliness?

Kuch Batein Jo Teri Baki Hain, Jo Humko Bohat Rulati Hain,
Some of your words, which I still remember, make me cry a lot.
Jeene Ko Nahi Ab Dil Karta, Kyun Dedi Tanhai,
I don’t want to live anymore. Why have you given me this feeling of isolation?

Woh Hath Jo Kal Tak Hath Mein Tha, Ab Chune Se Katrata Hai,
Your hand, which was in my hand until yesterday, is now avoiding my touch.
Har Lamha Kal Tak Sath Mein Tha, Ab Milne Tak Ni Ata Hai,
All the good moments were with me until yesterday, but I’m not even able to see you today.

Yeh Soch Ke Neend Na Ati Hai, Aur Dil Mein Ek Udasi Hai,
Thinking about all this makes me sleepless and makes my heart feel sad.
Kyun Toone Kiya Humko Tanha, Kyun Dedi Yeh Judayi,
Why did you leave me to be alone? Why did you separate me from yourself?

Hothon Pe Hansi Na Ati Hai, Akhein Bhi Namm Ho Jati Hain,
There’s no sign of a smile on my lips. My eyes are moist all the time.
Acha Hi Nahi Lagta Jeena, Kyun Dedi Yeh Judayi,
It no longer feels good to be alive. Why did you give me this separation?

Is Ishq Mein Tere Hathon Se, Yahi Cheez Humein Mil Payi Hai,
In this love of ours, that’s the only thing I’ve got from you so far.
Kyun Dedi Toone Judayi Hai, Kyun Dedi Tanhai,
Why did you give me separation? Why did you provide me with loneliness?

Tanhayi Hai Humsafar, Tanhayi Hai Har Dagar,
I am in a state of desolation. Oh, companion. It’s loneliness on every path.
Tanhayi Hai Har Pehar, Tanhai Sham-O-Sehar,
The feeling of seclusion stays all the time, night and day, round the clock.

Tanhai Hai Har Taraf, Tanhai Hai Had-E-Nazar,
It’s desolation everywhere I see. It’s loneliness as far as my eye can see.
Tanhai Hai Arsh Tak, Tanhai Hai Ab Farsh Tak,
From the skies to the floor, it’s just loneliness.

Mere Hisse Mein Hisse Mein, Gham Hi Aye Hain,
It was the only grievance in my share.
Tere Hisse Mein Hisse Mein Khusiyan,
But in your lot, it’s just happiness.

Meri Akhon Mein Akhon Mein Ashq Aye Hai,
Tere Hothon Pe Hothon Pe Hasna,
There were only tears in my eyes, and a smile on your lips.

Toota Hai Bohat Yeh Dil Mera, Ansu Hain Badi Tanhai Hai,
Jab Se Teri Bahon Mein Humein, Aane Ki Huyi Manahi Hai,
My heart has been broken a lot of times. I’m in tears, and I’m in desolation,
from the time I’ve been forbidden to be in your arms.

Tanhaai Music Video | Tulsi – Zain

Tulsi Kumar and Zain Imam starring music video for Tanhai Hindi track.

Tanhaai Song Details

Song: Tanhaai
Artist(s): Tulsi Kumar
Lyricist(s): Sayeed Quadri
Composer(s): Sachet-Parampara
Actor(s): Tulsi Kumar, Zain Imam