Tarsem Jassar – Geet De Wargi

The Punjabi song “Geet De Wargi” of “Tarsem Jassar” is a perfect romantic song this valentine’s day. Deep Jandu is music director of loving music tone and equally good music film has direction of Avex Dhillon. The singer has also drafted the Punjabi lyrics and you can get its translation into English and meaning of all the lines here also.

Geet De Wargi Lyrics with music of Deep Jandu and the alluring vocals of Tarsem Jassar is a compelling song released from Vehli Janta Records.


Mere layi tu geet de wargi aein,
Ik suche jaye sangeet de wargi ae,
Par khoon ch ae adbayi kiddan theek karaan,
Ya das koi nuskha ke eh thanda-thaar hoje.

You’re like a song for me,
Like a pious melody,
But I have attitude in my blood, how to deal with it ?
Or tell me some prescription to cool it down.

Kithe rakh daan tainu kadd ke dil yara
Jis nal zaahir tainu mera pyar howe,
Kithe rakh daan.

Where to put my heart out there,
To find a way to express my love for you.

Ho muchhan wale vi taan ne
Romantic ho sakde,
Gall wakh ke bauta janu-janu karde ni,
Jithe ishq hai othe izzat dil to poori ae,
Choothey taare tod ke gallan de wich marhde ni.

The men with moustaches also can be romantic,
It’s different thing that they won’t call dear-dar a lot
Where is love, There is full respect from the heart
Never lie breaking fake stars from the sky.

Mithe hoke tan yaara wajdiyan jag te thaggiyan ne
Te asi othe arhde jithe kol karar hoge,

Being too sweet to someone is the way to fraud
And we stay there, where we have made promises already.

Kithay rakh daan tainu kad ke dil yaara
Jis naal zaahir tainu mera pyaar hove.

Tell me my beloved, Where can I put my heart out there
So it can express my love for you.

Kithey rakh daan
Mere layi tu geet de wargi aein.

Ho tenu lagda tera jassar sakhat bada
Samjhe na jo feeling tere dil di nu
Kandeyan warga kithe palley pe gaya ae
Ik nazuk jayi mainu kali khildi nu,

I know you think, “your Jassar have been a little hard on you,
And doesn’t understand the feelings of your heart
Why a  a delicate flower like you, had to fall in love with this stone-heart person.

Par kalla behke kinne hanju chonda haan
Jad apne kise de dil utte satt maar hoje.

But how much I cry sitting alone here,
When my beloved feels hurt.

Kithe rakhdaan tainu kadke dil yaara
Jis naal zahir tainu mera pyaar hove
Kithe rakhdan.

Dear, tell my where to put my heart out here
So you can believe me, how much love i have for you.

Kehndi phone jahaaj te laake ghooki saun jaanae
Naa hi milda, na hi kite ghumauna ae ve
Ese gallon duniya taane dendi ae
Main kiwein mann laan ke
Tu mainu chauna ae ve.

She says, “you sleep carefree putting your mobile phone on flight mode,
You never come to see me or take me for outing,
That’s why people taunt me,
How can I believe that you truly love me ?

Main keha geet bana dau tainu soch ke sajjna ve
Kite hauli-hauli shayar na sardar hoje.

I said, “I would make songs thinking of you,
But it may lead this sardar to become a poet.”

Kithey rakh da tainu kadd ke dil yara
Jis-nal zahir tainu mera pyar howe,
Kithey rakh daa.

Mere layi tu geet de vari ae.

Geet De Wargi - Tarsem Jassar (Full Song)

Song Name / Title of Album: Geet De Wargi (Punjabi)
Songwriter, Singer, Composer: Tarsem Jassar
Music Producer: Deep Jandu
Director of Video: Avex Dhillon
Label : Vehli Janta Records