Telephone – Babbu Maan

Telephone by Babbu MaanTelephone Lyrics (aka Telefoon) is the most recent song of Punjabi artist Babbu Maan. Swag Music & Hey Yolo are the companies that hold its copyrights and lyrics, music is all composed by Maan himself. On this page you can get meaning of Babbu Maan’s latest telefoon song with line to line English translation.


It’s a Punjabi romantic song in mersmerizing voice of Babbu Maan. He sings it from a girl’s side, Who is telling to her beloved that she doesn’t have “telephone” service in her village so she is sent him a text letter.

The music video features a cute actress who is performing as a mute girl and amazes with her dance steps by elaborating her desiers with sings. This video has been direction of projection from Inder Sohi and Hey Yolo & Swag Music released it worldwide.


Roohan de milaap da varaag shideya
Ishq majaaji namajboon sohneya,

Ese layi paya tainu khat sajjna
Sade pind haini telephone sohneya.

Ve ese layi paaya tainu khat mehrama
Saade pind heni telephone soneya.

My heart desires for meeting of our souls
And love is the topic
This is the reason why I posted you a letter
‘Cause there is no telephone service at my village.

Saambh ke sandooke
Dariyan main rakhiyan
Reshmi vishaune naale do do pakhiyan.

I have safely kept the mats in a case
The fiber sheets and two hand fans.

Pakkeyan di kamna pakaa deugi
Kacheyan ch haje ae sakoon soneya.

Aise layi paya tainu khat mehrama
Sadde pind haini telefoon soneya.

The dream of concrete house will make a stone-heart person
So for now these mud house will suffice
That’s the reason I sent you a letter
Because we don’t have a telephone here in our village.

Saade pind haini marjani bijli
Saun de mahine dekha
Aasmani bijli,

Batti haini
Batti watt baal laine aan
Diweyan ch aje ae janoon soneya.

Neither there’s electricity here
It’s the raining season and I look at thunderbolts
There’s no light around me
And I light-up a lantern
The lamps have passion in them yet.
Ese layi paaya tainu khat mehrama
Saade pind heni telephone soneya.

Sanu nahi chahidi tarakki mehrama
Mile saaf hawa saaf paani mehrama,

Kandh tak aa gaya ae khat vekh le
Hun mainu chahida ae haani mehrma.


We don’t need advancements here
Just clean, drinkable water and air is more than enough
The letter has almost reached the walls of your house, See
And now I’m in need of a partner.

Aja bayimana kiton maan ban ke
Fookda ae kahton mera khoon soneya.

Es layi paya tainu khat mehrma
Sadde pind heni telephone sohneya,

Oh traitor, come being my “Maan / proud” come to me
Why you torment me like this and burn my blood.

Roohan de milap da baraag shideya
Ishq majaji namaj-boon soneya.

Ese layi paya tainu khat sajna
Sade pind haini telefoon soneya.

There’s a strong desire for the meet-up of our souls in my heart
And the subject is my passionate love
This is why I’m sending you a letter
Cause we don’t telephone service here.