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Find out newly released ‘Telugu Songs’ with their lyrics in English (Roman) script. Telugu music is the most listened to music in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and the union territories of Puducherry (Yanam) by the Telugu people but not limited to. NRI Telugu music lovers reside all around the world. Though fulfilling the continuously growing demand for Telugu lyrics, ‘LyricsRaag.Com’ brings you the best Telugu music works. You may expect to read lyrics for the latest Telugu songs and film soundtracks released the present year in the Telugu language.


This specific section is dedicated to ‘Latest Telugu Songs and their lyrics in English.’ You will get songs from brand new ‘Telugu Movies’ and ‘Single Tracks’ from independent Telugu artists. We intend to cover A to Z – all Telugu movie songs and publicize them in a most readable, user-friendly format.

Maaye Chesi Lyrics: Devil – The British Secret Agent | Sid Sriram

Maaye Chesi

Sid Sriram Telugu
Samayama Lyrics Translation — Hi Nanna | Anurag Kulkarni | Sithara Krishnakumar


Anurag Kulkarni, Sithara Krishnakumar Telugu to English
Cult Mama Lyrics Meaning — Skanda | Hema Chandra | Maahaa | Ramya Behera

Cult Mama

MaaHaa Telugu to English
Yema Andham Lyrics Translation — Spark – L.I.F.E | Sid Sriram

Yema Andham

Sid Sriram Telugu to English
Aradhya Lyrics Meaning — Kushi | Chinmayi | Sid Sriram


Chinmayi, Sid Sriram Telugu to English
Na Roja Nuvve Lyrics Translation — Kushi | Hesham Abdul Wahab | Ft. Vijay Deverakonda | Samantha

Na Roja Nuvve

Hesham Abdul Wahab Telugu to English
Kushi Title Song (Telugu) Lyrics Translation — Kushi | Hesham Abdul Wahab

Kushi Title Song (Telugu)

Hesham Abdul Wahab Telugu to English
The Soul Of Satya Lyrics Meaning — Satya | Sruthi Ranjani

The Soul Of Satya

Sruthi Ranjani Telugu to English
Premisthunna Lyrics Translation — Baby | P V N S Rohit


PVNS Rohit Telugu to English
Ribapappa Lyrics Meaning — Baby | Sri Krishna


Sri Krishna Telugu to English
Ayyayyo Sad Version Lyrics Translation: Mem Famous | Rahul Sipligunj

Ayyayyo Sad Version

Rahul Sipligunj Telugu to English
Ayyayo Lyrics — Mem Famous | Rahul Sipligunj

Ayyayo [from "Mem Famous"]

Rahul Sipligunj Telugu to English
Ticket Eh Konakunda Lyrics — Tillu Square | Ram Miriyala

Ticket Eh Konakunda

Ram Miriyala Telugu
Nadhi Nakkileesu Golusu Lyrics Translation — Palasa 1978 | Raghu Kunche

Nadhi Nakkileesu Golusu

Telugu to English
Nee Chuttu Chuttu Lyrics English Translation — Skanda | Sanjana Kalmanje | Sid Sriram

Nee Chuttu Chuttu

Sanjana Kalmanje, Sid Sriram Telugu to English
Sammohanuda Lyrics Meaning — Rules Ranjan | Shreya Ghoshal

Sammohanuda (From "Rules Ranjann")

Shreya Ghoshal Telugu to English
Potti Pilla (Pattinchuko Chinni) Lyrics Translation — Balagam | Ram Miryala

Potti Pilla (Pattinchuko Chinni)

Ram Miryala Telugu to English
Ooru Palletooru Lyrics — Balagam | Mangli | Ram Miryala

Ooru Palletooru

Mangli, Ram Miryala Telugu
Janavule Nerajanavule Lyrics Meaning — BRO | K Pranati | Thaman S

Janavule Nerajanavule

S. Thaman Telugu to English
My Dear Markandeya Lyrics Translation — BRO | Revanth | Snigdha Sharma

My Dear Markandeya (From "BRO"]

Revanth, Snigdha Sharma Telugu to English
Ranu Ranu Antune Chinnado Lyrics Meaning — Macherla Niyojakavargam | Lipsika

Ranu Ranu Antune Chinnado

Lipsika Telugu to English
Urike Urike Lyrics English Translation — HIT 2 | Sid Sriram

Urike Urike

Ramya Behara, Sid Sriram Telugu to English
Nee Choopule Naa Oopiri Lyrics Translation — Endukante Premanta | Haricharan | K. S. Chithra

Nee Choopule Naa Oopiri [from "Endukante Premanta"]

Haricharan, K. S. Chithra Telugu to English
Priya Mithunam Lyrics — Adipurush | Karthik | Shweta Mohan

Priya Mithunam

Karthik, Shweta Mohan Telugu
Kalaya Nijama Lyrics — Calling Sahasra | K.S. Chithra

Kalaya Nijama

KS Chithra Telugu
Amma Lyrics Translation — Oke Oka Jeevitham | Sid Sriram


Sid Sriram Telugu to English
Malle Raja Lyrics — Mohana Bhogaraju

Malle Raja

Mohana Bhogaraju Telugu
Vellake Lyrics — Yazin Nizar


Yazin Nizar Telugu
Pulsar Bike Lyrics Translation: Bheems Ceciroleo | Dhamaka (Movie)

Pulsar Bike Midha Raara Bava

Bheems Ceciroleo Telugu to English
Dandakadiyal Lyrics Translation — Dhamaka | Mangli | Sahithi Chaganti


Mangli, Sahithi Chaganti Telugu to English
Jinthaak Chithaka Lyrics Meaning — Dhamaka | Bheems Ceciroleo | Mangli

Jinthaak Chithaka

Bheems Ceciroleo, Mangli Telugu to English
Nijame Ne Chebutunna Lyrics — Ooru Peru Bhairavakona | Sid Sriram

Nijame Ne Chebutunna

Sid Sriram Telugu
Dooramvellake Lyrics — Lipsika | Yazin Nizar


Lipsika, Yazin Nizar Telugu
Nachavule Nachavule Lyrics Translation — Virupaksha | Karthik

Nachavule Nachavule [from "Virupaksha"]

Karthik Telugu to English
Chamkeela Angeelesi Lyrics Translation — Dasara | Dhee | Ram Miriyala

Chamkeela Angeelesi

Dhee, Ram Miriyala Telugu to English
Ori Vaari Lyrics Translation — Dasara | Santhosh Narayanan

Ori Vaari

Santhosh Narayanan Telugu to English
Dhoom Dhaam Dhosthaan Lyrics Translation — Dasara | Gannora Dasa Laxmi | Gotte Kanakavva | Rahul Sipligunj

Dhoom Dhaam Dhosthaan

Gotte Kanakavva, Rahul Sipligunj Telugu to English
Oh Ammalaalo Ammalalo Lyrics Translation — Dasara | Anurag Kulkarni

Oh Ammalaalo Ammalaalo

Anurag Kulkarni Telugu to English
Timeless Love Lyrics — Custody | Kapil Kapilan

Timeless Love

Kapil Kapilan Telugu
Head Up High Lyrics — Custody | Arun Kaundinya | Asal Kolar | Yuvan Shankar Raja

Head Up High

Yuvan Shankar Raja Telugu
Undiporaadhey Sad Version Lyrics Translation — Husharu (Movie)

Undiporaadhey Sad Version [from "Husharu"]

Sid Sriram Telugu to English
Undiporaadhey Lyrics Translation — Husharu | Sid Sriram

Undiporaadhey - Male Version [from "Hushaaru"]

Sid Sriram Telugu to English
Kalallo Ne Ulikki Padhuthunna Lyrics — Virupaksha | Anurag Kulkarni | Madhushree

Kalallo Ne Ulikki Padhuthunna

Anurag Kulkarni, Madhushree Telugu
Dikka Dishum Lyrics English Translation — Ravanasura | Naresh Mamindla | Swathi Reddy Uk

Dikka Dishum

Telugu to English
Pyaar Lona Paagal Lyrics Translation — Ravanasura | Ravi Teja

Pyaar Lona Paagal

Telugu to English
Almost Padipoyindhe Pilla Lyrics Translation — Das Ka Dhamki | Adithya Rk

Almost Padipoyindhe Pilla

Adithya RK Telugu to English
Mawa Bro Lyrics Meaning — Das Ka Dhamki | Ram Miriyala

Mawa Bro

Ram Miriyala Telugu to English
O Dollar Pillaga Lyrics — Das Ka Dhamki | Vishwak Sen

O Dollar Pillaga

Mangli Telugu

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Here are some of the top female Telugu singers we have been focusing on providing lyrics of, Shreya Ghoshal, Madhu Priya, K. S. Chithra, Geetha Madhuri, Sunitha Upadrashta, K. S. Chithra, Suchitra, Satya Yamini, Mohana Bhogaraju, Nutana Mohan, Mounima with Ramya Behara followed by others. Not just that, you will also love to learn words of songs from the best Telugu male singers as Sid Sriram, Sooraj Santosh with Yazin Nizar, Dhanunjaya, Prudhvi Chandra, Anudeep, and others.

Telugu film and music industry is having a pretty good time. The remarkable Telugu movies from top Telugu film actors as Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, Sobhan Babu, N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Uday Kiran, Vijay Deverakonda, and Allu Arjun have already made over billions at the world box office and secured a right spot in the top highest grossing Telugu language films of all time. The moviemakers work hard to extend the viewer’s experience by delivering the best of the Telugu music in the form of ‘Telugu film soundtracks.’ Still, if you want to enhance your Telugu movie songs, understand beyond the theater, YouTube, where should you turn? For music lovers, is the place to read lyrics and their meaning. Do not miss to sense the words of the tracks composed by the most proficient Telugu music composers of all time, as Devi Sri Prasad, M. M. Keeravani, Mani Sharma, S. Thaman, of course, India’s favorite song maker A. R. Rahman, Mickey J. Meyer with big names as Mani Sharma and many more.